Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wiisdom Blog Poll #3 Results: Favorite Skylanders Element

Wow, we had a ton of votes for this poll and tthere were some very close elements!

I checked a few hours before the end and the Magic Element was only 1 up on the Tech Element.  They got a list minute vote and bumped up to take the win!

That said, let's take a look at the poll results:

Q#3: What is Your Favorite Skylanders Element?

1.  Magic: 23 Votes for 17%
2.  Tech: 21 Votes for 16%
3.  Undead: 20 Votes for 15%
4.  Earth: 17 Votes for 13%
5.  Water: 14 Votes for 10%
6.  Air: 13 Votes for 10% 
7.  Life: 13 Votes for 10%
8.  Fire: 9 Votes for 6%

As you can see, EVERY VOTE COUNTS!  There was a mere 3 votes between 1st and 3rd place!  Water edged out Air and Life by one vote, and Air and Life were left in a dead-heat with Fire on their tales.

I'm not too shocked Magic one as after all this Skylanders series is a spin-off from the Spyro the Dragon franchise...and hey, he comes with EVERY Starter Pack in some form.  Tech and Earth have an edge with all 4 Skylanders out.  I am interested to see how things break down with the "favorites" in that and the Undead Elment though...

So, as promised what we will do is take these results for the next poll and break it down into "Your Favorite ______ Element Skylander"

Spread the word and cast your vote...if you thought this broad question was intense, just imagine how heated it will be between the individual Skylanders.  Following that round of 8 we will go into a "versus" mode between the top Skylanders!

I think in order to keep this from dragging on for a long time I'll post 2 at a time...

Wiisdom Blog Poll #4: Who is Your Favorite Magic Element Skylander?
-Double Trouble
-Wrecking Ball

Wiisdom Blog Poll #5: Who is Your Favorite Tech Element Skylander?
-Drill Sergeant
-Trigger Happy

Cast your votes now, I'll keep this one open about 10 days...Many thanks to those of you who voted...hopefully this round isn't too hard on you!

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