Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blog Poll #6 Results: Who is Your Favorite Undead Element Skylander?

Blog Poll #6, "Who is Your Favorite Undead Element Skylander?" has officially closed.

We had a very impressive 153 votes and things were pretty tight.  I know not everyone has found or played Cynder yet, but that doesn't seen to have impacted the voting too much.  Let's take a look at how things panned out:

1. Chop Chop 56 Votes (36%)
2.  Ghost Roaster 36 Votes (23%)
3.  Cynder 34 Votes (22%)
4.  Hex 27 Votes (17%)

I have to say I am very surprised at the results...this does line up with how I would vote, but I didn't expect that to pan out over the course of 150+ other people.  One of the most clammored for Skylanders during the playthrough was Hex.  I had a lot of e-mails where people requested I used her more.  I honestly figured she would take home top honors.

Going more into my personal opinions, I like where she wound up.  Keep in mind I have not found Cynder (or Double Trouble or the Empire of Ice (can you tell I'm miffed about that?)), but I can not see Cynder being worse than Hex.  Hex's secondary attack just takes so long to come around it gets annoying.  I thought the upgrdes would address that, but so far they have not.

I also figure Cynder got a lot of these votes on speculation, but for those leaning that way, I feel they would have likely voted for her regardless of how she plays.  Personally, I like Ghost Roaster so well I couldn't imagine Cynder bumping him from my ranks.

Ghost Roaster, to his credit, may not be owned by a lot of folks due to the fact he is available only in Darklight Crypt.  That said, Chop Chop has been out the longest.

Some of you that follow the playthrough will recall I didn't use him for a long time because the collector side of me didn't want to open his triple pack (with Eruptor and Bash).  His secondary attack, out of the box anyway, is simply a shielfd.  That is, however, an understatement.  Chop Chop's shield is very unique and offers great protection from enemies.  I have still not upgraded him, but I have really enjoyed playing him.  Factor in his availability, uniqueness, and overall look and I think you can see why he came in First.

Personally I will reserve judgment until I've upgraded Chop Chop to the same level as Ghost Roaster (and to be fair if I ever find Cynder (I refuse to pay more than $7.99 btw)) I'll play her to the same point.  I still can't see Cynder topping Chop Chop or Ghost Roaster for my personal liking. 

I have had a few requests to make my personal favorite list and will get on that as soon as I've wraped up the playthrough...I'll also have it open so you can post up your favorites etc.

So there you have it...Chop Chop is the hands down winner for Your Favorite Undead Element Skylander.  Thanks to everyone who voted, and with the closing of this poll you will find Blog Poll #8 regarding Your Favorite Water Element Skylander!

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