Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blog Poll #7 Results: Who is Your Favorite Earth Element Skylander?

Just as Poll #6 on Your Favorite Undead Element Skylander (Chop Chop btw) closed so did Poll #7: Who is Your Favoite Earth Element Skylander?

Just like with Magic and Tech, we saw a small difference in the number of overall votes.  We had 4 fewer cast their call for their favorite Earth Element Skylander than with the favorite Undead Element Skylander.  Nonetheless 149 votes is nothing to sneeze at and should give us a very nice sampling to make projections from...let's take a look:

1.  Terrafin 58 Votes (38%)
2.  Prism Break 36 Votes (24%)
3.  Bash 28 Votes (18%)
4.  Dino-Rang 27 Votes (18%)

I have to wonder what the 4 other voters might have done...as you can see it could have totally changed fates for Bash and Dino-Rang.

So the good news...congrats to Terrafin and his dirtshark followers!  I was surprised a Skylander from an adventure pack would get so many votes, but I suppose a lot of folks picked up Pirate Seas.  Terrafin is an awesome character...his look is classic and the way he burrows is another totally unique trait (much like Chop Chop's shield).

I was also pretty surprised to see Prism Break in 2nd Place that much ahead of everyone else.  In the YouTube comments in seemed like there was just the occassional supporter and a rare die-hard.  I defended Prism Break a few times and really kind of took a liking to him and Stump Smash based on their unique looks and stoires.  All of you who worried about the lowly Prism Break need not do so...he came in a very solid 2nd Place and proved that he has as many fans as anyone.

I have to say I was shocked that Dino-Rang got beat out by Bash.  Bash has been around much longer, is offered in Legendary form, and likely has many players who have maxed him out.  I haven't done much with Bash yet, but do know that he can eventually roll at will...so I could see that coming into play for speed runs. 

Dino-Rang is someone I really like...I just think he looks cool and the fact I have him as a Silver doesn't hurt either, lol.  I know not as many may have him and that is my best explanation for his lower than expected finish. 

I will say though that the Earth Element Skylanders are one of my favorite groupings.  I actually kind of like Bash too, but between Prism Break, Dino-Rang, and Terrafin you have one heck of a trio...Bash doesn't do any harm as the 4th component to the group.

Thanks again to everyone who voted and I hope you are happy with the results!  I'll get a full synopsis up after the playthrough is complete and all are maxed out.

With this poll wrapping up, I will open Blog Poll #9 which covers "Who is Your Favorite Air Element Skylander?"  I think it will be another tight race.  Thanks again for voting and check back for the new polls!

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