Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Skylanders Update and Wave 3 Questions

Hey Everybody,

If you missed the Twitter feeds I am back to making progress with new content on the Skylanders playthrough.

This past weekend I was given Skylanders 3DS!  In addition to the stand-alone and unique game, this pack contains Dark Spyro and Ignitor!  I recorded an unboxing I will have up soon and then I got both of them on the Wii immediately to check out their Heroic Challenges!

Before I continue along these lines I would like to ask those of you who read this and have gotten any Wave 3 Characters (Double Trouble, Cynder, Slam Bam via Empire of Ice) where you got them?  
Was it GameStop, Walmart, Target, online, or elsewhere?

I have found it very odd that Toys'R'Us...Who usually has the LARGEST stock of Skylanders and stocks new releases 2-4 racks deep has never had any of wave 3 here locally yet.  It was just yesterday that they finally added Empire of Ice online.  I am wondering if activision didn't help build  early hype around Wave 3 by not releasing them to Toys'R'Us as early as the other stores which seem to get smaller shipments.

I'm not saying that is the case, I am just curious.  You can leave a comment here or respond on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc...I'd just kind of like to know for the sake of my curiosity.

Part 63 will be a rant vs activision (basically what you read in the blog) and then Double Trouble's intro and Heroic Challenge.

Part 64 (which is being edited right now) will be Dark Spyro and Ignitor's introductions and Heroic Challenges.  I also made a point to emphasize the discrepancies between the card's stats and the in-game stats...I'll use these two Skylanders as references.

Parts 65-66 are actually just upgrading different Skylanders.  As promised I did not upgrade any of them during my 2nd Save File playthrough...That way it is like you didn't miss anything.

Parts 67-68 will believe it or not be Chapter 21: The Arkeyan Armory.

That is right...I finally had the free time to get back to Ch 21 and avoid the weapon master glitch!

I've checked it out and each time I re-enter I prompted to go battle Kaos...luckily Hugo doesn't have a glitch!

Before I just rush into the battle I think I will go back and pick up stuff we missed in the original (now corrupt thanks to the weapon master glitch) save file.  This will give me more time to level up the newer Skylanders and get cash for upgrades.
I will then transfer them over to the 2nd save file to get the elemental power increases etc.

And if all goes well I managed to land the Empire of Ice online for $19.99 it should be heading my way as we speak.  As soon as I get it I will unbox it and likely record the playthrough as my next objective (it is Chapter 23 by the way).

My next goal is to land Cynder and unbox her and Double Trouble.

Once I have gotten what we missed in the blind playthrough and leveled up the Skylanders a bit more I will go ahead and battle Kaos!

After that is complete I will just play casually and try to work on a few of my favorite character's getting all 32 (or what is available) done with the Heroic Challenges.  I'll also build up newer Skylanders like Dark Spyro etc.

Somewhere in this mess of plans I will also upload a few HD recordings from my 3DS to see what ya'll think of them.  I'm not sure how hard it would be to record Skylanders 3DS, but I can't capture it like I do on the Wii...it would be me with a 3DS and video camera...the quality won't be top notch and it might be more trouble than it is worth, but I may try it from time-to-time.  I'm excited to see how the story line in the 3DS version transpires...plus it will be nice to JUMP, haha.

Well sorry if that is sporadic...I am pretty tired and need to get some sleep.  Part 63 should be processing now and 64 will go up soon.  Whatever isn't live in the morning should get uploaded tomorrow night.  I hope you enjoy it.

I will also work on the Skylanders 3DS unboxing vid and will do the same when Empire of Ice arrives!


  1. Me and my cousin share skylanders and we have cynder and double trouble from target and gamestop. I'm on a kindle fire so its hard to type eAe

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