Sunday, April 22, 2012

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure: Adventure Pack Time Goals

Not much to see here...just Stealth Elf flying through the Adventure Pack Chapters.

I wanted to make the blog post for these four chapters just in case someone had questions...they  can post here as opposed to the more generic, "Ask 1ofWiisdom" post.

I have to say, none of these were particularly challenging...I think you get a break on the card games, lock puzzles, and maybe even some of the "boss fight" segments.  A leveled up Stealth Elf is all I need to complete the Time Goals and garner the 3 Star Ranking for each chapter.

Chapter 23 Empire of Ice Time Goal
-Clear in Under 10:10

Chapter 24 Pirate Seas Time Goal
-Clear in Under 5:35

Chapter 25 Darklight Crypt Time Goal
-Clear in Under 12:30

Chapter 26 Dragon's Peak Time Goal
-Clear in Under 10:35


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    1. Thanks...I should have blogged the whole game like this, hindsight is 20/20 I suppose. I will def do this same format with the last 3 etc.

      For what it is worth I got Darklight Crypt's Enemy Goal tonight...finally. It took me 3 times going thru and I'm pretty sure I killed everything every time...I just let spawners spit out a lot of chompies before voiding the screen of enemies.

  2. Just a heads up...GS seems to be getting the camo warnado three lack in lots today...

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    1. Cool, I was in tonight and the local store said they hadn't had any Wave 5...but did just get Dragon's Peak the day before. He said the other stores in town were getting some, even though he claimed his store sold more...go figure. Hope you were able to land them!

  3. Hi 1ofWiisdom! Today I went home sick from school with a stomach bug, and my Mom said she had to stop by Target before we go home. I asked if I could come in to see the Skylanders display, since I was looking for Zook (I was also looking for Wave 5 but since they're like, impossible to find I didn't even bother). I was broke, but my Mom was nice enough to allow me to just get him if I see him. I go to the display, and it is STOCKED TO THE BRIM. They had just stocked it at noon, and it was 12:05. I kid you not, completely untouched. Out of the corner of my eye, I see green, and gasp. A triple pack with Lightning Rod, Cynder, and Zook was sitting on the peg. Two of them, actually. There were only TWO! Since we were the only ones in Target, this was me: "Oh my God!. Oh my God!" Then... my Mom shuffles through the opposite peg, and my jaw drops open. There, in all its beauty, was the Camo, Ignitor, and Warnado Triple Pack. Only TWO of them were at the store. I begged my Mom to let me get them both, and she said she will just take $50 out of my savings. I didn't care, I was SO PHSYCED! I am going to give the Cynder to my friend because I already Cynder but now I have offically completed the Air and Life Elements! Good Luck on getting Wave 5!

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    1. Awesome...that helps the stomach bug not seem as bad! If I am not mistaken the case (6 triples) that ships is (2) LRod/Cynder/Zook, (2) Camo/Ignitor/Warnado, and I think (2) Boomer Triple Packs.

      That is great timing, I bet by the time ya'll would have gone normally after school they'd have been gone. Target doesn't block the scalpers yet so someone prob would have picked them up to hock online.

      I think your mom would owe you a few bucks from the $50, but oh well, lol. Nice of her to do that...she may not realzie it, but that will save ya'll both a ton of headaches!

      I have Wave 5 pre-ordered on Amazon (2 weeks now), but haven't heard back. I just landed the triple pack on GameStop and hope to have it hear this week.

      Hope you feel better, and if not, I hope you enjoy your new Skylanders at home tomorrow!


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