Monday, April 2, 2012

Blog Poll #25: Which Skylanders Adventure Pack and AP Character is Your Favorite?

Blog Poll #25 technically consists of 2 Polls.  It is also really hard to title without being extremely redundant.  That said, what I came up with was the best at the time, lol.

This one should be very interesting and to give everything a fair shot (ie Dragon's Peak and Empire of Ice still being pretty hard to come by), I have left it open for over a month.  This should give us some very solid vote totals to analyze.

We first want to look at, "Which Adventure Pack is Your Favorite?"

-Darklight Crypt
-Dragon's Peak
-Empire of Ice
-Pirate Seas

Yeah, this is going to be tough to pick...

We will then counter that with, "Which Adventure Pack Character is Your Favorite?"

-Ghost Roaster
-Slam Bam

Even tougher is it not?

That is also reason for leaving it open.  I have also noticed that a lot of the time the "new" or "hot" item tends to dominate.  For example if I was doing "Who is Your Favorite Life Element Skylander?" right now, folks would be more inclined to Zook it up instead of considering an old favorite, or giving consideration to a future release.

By letting the poll run this long I really just hope that more of you can get the Adventure Pack(s) you are missing and will give it an honest vote.  By having it divided between chapter and character, someone that loves Slam Bam, but didn't like Empire of Ice can vote for each unbiased.

I am really looking forward to monitoring this poll and hope that you will spread the word and tell your friends so we can have a really high vote count.  I think this could be one of the tightest polls we wind up running for Skylanders.

Spread the word and vote now...

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