Saturday, April 21, 2012

Blog Poll #26: Who Is Your Favorite Skylander

Blog Poll #26 is all about going big, or going home.  This poll asks, "Who is Your Favorite Skylander?"

You have 32 options and you can vote once.  I'm letting the poll run 40 days and 40 can cast your vote just below the Twitter Feed.  This poll should be EPIC.

I was originally going to launch a battle tournament, but I will hold off.  I really want Camo, Warnado, and Wham-Shell to be more readily owned before having something else that has a possible tinge of bias permeating.

That said, I have polled "What is Your Favorite _____ Element Skylander?" before and in some cases we didn't have all of the line-up out.  I might break that back down later this summer to see if things have changed and if so, how and why they changed.

But this...this is something entirely different.  You've got one vote.  Love Spyro and Sunburn, you've got to pick  one of them.  I know this could result in low vote totals and I encourage you to vote for your absolute favorite and not be swayed because your favorite, Wrecking Ball for example, is well down below say Spyro, and you don't want to "throw your vote away.  There will be no such thing.  If we have 200 votes and 100 are for Spyro, 50 for Trigger Happy, and you were the 1 of the remaining 50 votes and the only to vote for Gill Grunt, so be it.  I want a true sampling here.

I am very excited to see how this one pans out and I'll probably even include it in weekly updates to hopefully encourage more voters.  So spread the word and cast your vote now!

I will make a stand-alone blog post and add it to the sidebar with the final results.

*Please not I am not including any special (ie Gold, Silver, Clear, Glow in the Dark etc), nor will you see any Legendaries...Dark Spyro is also getting the boot on this poll...However, if your favorite is Dark Spyro, cast your vote for Spyro.  Similarly, if Legendary Chop Chop is your all time favorite, just vote for Chop Chop.

You are more than welcome to reply to this post with who is your favorite, why they are your favorite, and if you prefer another version (ie Dark Spyro, Legendary Bash etc).

Thanks in advance for voting and please spread the word...I'd like to get as high a vote count as possible to see how everyone ranks the Skylanders in terms of their absolute favorite.


  1. Yeah, dude! I voted for Sunburn, hope he gets a high ranking. What I don't get is that everyone doesn't seem to like Ghost Roaster. He is awesome! :o Anyway, my YT account is CharizardMasterBall, I've subbed you and you've seen my comments :)

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    1. Yeah, glad to see you over here...I haven't had any time to go thru the YouTube comments in awhile, but I make it a point to get the blog comments taken care of every night.

      I am shocked about Ghost Roaster too...Boomer and Stump Smash were at ZERO for awhile, but finally got their first votes. I can't believe GR is still at zero. He was my first Skylander to Level 10 and to upgrade significantly.

      Thanks for voting though, Sunburn is performing quite well. A lot of voters seem to just go for the "newest" Skylander, even if they don't have them or haven't researched them etc. That's why I like to see votes for Eruptor or Bash...I know folks that vote that way are truly voting for a favorite. Granted, a lot of ple may have a Wave 4 or Wave 5 as a fav, but it seems disproportionate...especially when I have tracked the trend thru 20 some odd blogs, lol.

  2. just got camo,warnado,ignitor,dark spyro and stealth elf.
    also my fav skylanders are:
    camo lv6 trigger lv10 sunburn lv8
    ignitor lv5 cynder lv10/lv7 flamesling lv10
    bash lv10 zap(do not have yet) whirlwind lv9
    I have alot of favs but my top is FLAMESLING!
    also what SKYLANDER did u want at the start of the game.

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    1. Did you get Camo and Warnado as singles with Ignitor/Stealth Elf/Dark Spyro in the 3DS Starer Pack, or did you land a Dark Spyro single? If so, are you in the US?

      At the start of the console version, the Skylander I was most looking forward to was Warnado, followed by Lightning Rod, and then prob Terrafin and Dino-Rang, although I had Terrafin the day I got the game (October) and Dino-Rang came not long after, lol. So as for the long term "who I wanted" it would be Warnado.

    2. yes camo and warnado i got in single packs and i got a 3ds vesion of skylanders and in it were dark spyro, ignitor and stealth elf(as u know that they are in there).me and my sister(18 year old who still likes spyro and im 13)we played skylanders(ps3 version)all the way through the game.even when i got an adventure pack we i still waited to play with her(im nice and i could do the game by my self).

      my character that i wanted at the start was ignitor because i like swords and fight so i picked him or sunburn and my sister wanted to start with camo.also i live in Australia. Ausi Ausi Ausi!

    3. Very cool. I figured that you must have gotten the 3DS Starter Pack, but I know some country (Singapore I think) had Dark Spyro singles...go figure...people think they'll be released here and elsewhere eventually.

      That's cool you waited on your sister to play through the game, lol. Definitely hope you enjoy the 3DS Version with Ignior, and on the bright side you can play at your own pace there, haha.

      Ignitor is a great character...ya'll got Wham-Shell and some of the latest variants first too!


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