Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lightning Rod and Zook: Heroic Challenges and Gameplay in Dragon's Peak

Well, with finally landing Triple Pack G (which I have yet to see in stores locally), I am able to introduce Lightning Rod and Zook.

As mentioned, I wasn't really that interested in Zook or Camo for that matter, until I saw Zook in person.  He sort of has that same appeal Stump Smash does for me...hard to explain, but I know what it is when I see it.

Needless to say he did not disappoint.  Nor did Lightning Rod...he was great right out of the $5 higher TRU Triple Pack.

Here you can take a look at Lightning Rod's basic powers, his virgin stats, and of course his Heroic Challenge which is #6 Fight, Teleport, Fight:

We next do the same introduction for Zook...we take a look at his base stats, standard attacks, and his Heroic Challenge #26 You Stole My Hearts, which is set on the islands and quite time consuming, but luckily not too difficult:

After their intros I took Lightning Rod and Zook thru a few of the tougher Heroic Challenges, including all the Speed Challenges.  Zook is a total nightmare on Double Trouble's HC on the Wii.  I would painstakingly line up my shots to be ahead of paintings and right in line with trolls only to see a painting vanish.  I finally got burned out and just went and upgraded him anyway for the gameplay video.

Speaking of that, since I needed the Dragon's Peak Enemy Goal...and since it is Wave 4, I opted to dispatch this duo that direction.  A little tip on the Enemy Goal is that both the Legendary Treasure and Earth Elemental  area have enemies you will need to get...there are none in the Air Element Gate.

I also leveled up Wrecking Ball just in case we lost either Lightning Rod or Zook.  He is one of the very few (Cynder and maybe L-Bash) that isn't a Level 10 Skylander.  I've used him countless times in Quicksilver Vault only to have him get extinguished, so I figured I'd treat him to a few upgrades.

For those that care, only Lightning Rod and Zook were used to obtain the Enemy Goal for our gameplay feature in Chapter 26: Dragon's Peak:

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