Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Unboxing Dragon's Peak

Here is the unboxing of Dragon's Peak complete with an overview of what is included and a few insights on some Wave 4 information:

As always, I try to include as much information as possible in the video for one simple reason: the more info that is included, the fewer questions that have to be asked...that saves time for everyone.

If you want a quick unboxing, without commentary, I'm sure you can find it.  I go into a lot of detail to really show what you get for the money and there are many people that prefer that method.

The video covers:

-Where I Got It: Toys'R'Us Online
-What it Cost: $24.99+Freight+Tax
-Exclusive Window: 30 Days at Toys'R'Us
-What is Included: Sunburn, Dragon's Peak, Sparx the Dragon Fly, Winged Boots, Web Codes, Cards, and Stickers
-The Story on Sunburn
-Sunburn's Card Stats
-Sunburn's In-Game Stats
-The Other Adventure Packs
-The Other Fire Element Skylanders

And since inevitably questions about other recent Wave 4 Releases (Ignitor Single Pack, Lightning Rod and Zook Single/Triple, and Blue Bash) are bound to come up, I touched briefly on those topics towards the end of the video.

Again, my logic is to cover as much as possible without spoiling anything that might happen "in game."

I must also stress that you please refrain from paying ridiculous prices to scalpers.  If they wind up having to sell for retail or $5 over, they really aren't making enough to justify the effort...that means good things for Skylander fans at retail stores.

Dragon's Peak debuted, or should have debuted, Sunday, March 25th, 2012 at Toys'R'Us in the United States.  They kind of botched that and some folks bought them early on the 3/21 event, while others had them 3/21 only to find they wouldn't ring up.  It was truly a debacle.

What really amazes me, and makes finding Dragon's Peak a royal pain, is that despite their exclusive "30 day window" my TRU (and many other TRUs) have only had that initial shipment.  That is really failing to take advantage of the cornered market you know?

I and many others missed out locally, but were able to order it online through their website (which has been sold out roughly since the same time the stores went dry).  The Dragon's Peak APs on Amazon and ebay are extremely over priced and I would encourage you to wait for TRU to get more in, or simply give it a little more time till all retailers have it and save $5.  I enjoy the game as much as anyone, but I refuse to pay over retail for anything like this.

Ignoring the botched launch and inability to stock an item during an exclusive window, this is a big deal for Skylander fans.

Dragon's Peak is the LAST CHAPTER in the game and since all the other APs are out, you can now complete a few collections to work on the Accolades (Story Scrolls, Hats, Legendary Treasures, and Soul Gems).  I'm very excited about that aspect of it.

I have also heard that this level is pretty challenging, so that should be fun.

Sunburn has a huge fan base right now and  I am personally looking forward to checking out his teleportation ability.

Again, the only downside to Dragon's Peak is finding it for a fair price.  I had hoped that TRU would have a solid stock of these to really take advantage of their exclusive sales window...clearly that isn't happening at the moment.  I would expect at least one more shipment before the 30 days expire, but who knows the way things have gone lately.

If you can look past the hassle, there is a lot to look forward to about Dragon's Peak (Chapter 26).

I will introduce Sunburn and record his Heroic Challenge as soon as possible.  That will of course be followed by the blind playthrough of Chapter 26: Dragon's Peak!


  1. Hi 1ofWiisdom! My name is Matthew. I wanted to tell you that Walmart online is selling camo, warndo, and ignitor. Just telling you!
    Youre Welcome!

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    1. Hey Matthew, thanks for the heads-up. Were you able to ge them from wm.com? I've been monitoring it, but haven't seen them in stock...I am really looking forward to Warnado.

  2. Hey 1ofWiisdom!
    I have a intermittent problem with saving data to our skylanders, hope you can help. Having finished Giants, we stop back to the ship with various characters to build up coins at Brock's Arena, Upgrade with Persephone and do multiple Heroic Challenges...The problem is...They often don't save and we wind up losing the effort and have to do them all over agin. I've tried various methods to give the data a chance to save but nothing seems foolproof (I guess I underestimate my ingenuity as a fool!) Just had a frustrating loss of about 2 hours of effort advancing Lightcore Shroomboom thru the "Paratrooper" upgrade path-lol (Thanks for the video by the way-You're right, the lightcore effect shows up well with all the "paratroopers"!) Any advice on how to preserve upgrade effort?

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    1. Hey, sorry for the slow replay...it is RARE that I do Facebook before the blog...I have just been out of town a lot here lately and that was easier due to the horrible wifi situation, lol.

      I'm looking forward to seeing more of the wall mount islands you are crafting!


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