Monday, April 2, 2012

Blog Poll #23 Results: Which Upgrade Path Do You Prefer for Life Element Skylanders?

Blog Poll #23 asked, "Which Upgrade Path Do You Prefer for Life Element Skylanders?" and we had a nice 60-70 vote total for each (the poll was only open a week).

Here are the results:

Once more, no surprises...readers definitely seem to prefer upgrading the primary attack.

Stealth Elf led the way with 78 total votes and sported a +34 margin for Pook Blade Saint.

Stump Smash's Smash'N'Bash was +52 over Nut Crafter.

Zook, who not a lot of us would have had when the poll closed, sported a +44 for his Artilleryman.  I could see a few people honestly liking the Floral Defender route, but the question of course is will the base Floral Defender be weak enough and the promise of the Artilleryman path be marginal enough for folks to follow through.

Camo is the real wild card here as none of us have him.  Note that Melon Master was the Primary Attack despite it being listed second.  That didn't catch anyone off guard by the looks of the votes, however he was only +14.  I'm sure we'd get a better sampling if there were some gameplay vids folks could consult...and of course, first hand experience can not be beat.

But, as you can see, the Life Element Skylanders seem to be another segment that is overwhelmingly preferred on the Primary Attack Upgrade Path.

Thanks to all who voted!

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