Monday, February 18, 2013

Blog Poll #38 Reults: Who is Your Favorite Newlander?

Blog Poll #38, which waited or Hot Dog to be released, asked, "Who is Your Favorite Newlander?"

This is a very tough question, but here is how you voted:

1.  Hot Dog 62 Votes, 30%
2.  Pop Fizz 39 Votes, 19%
3.  Jet-Vac 26 Votes, 12%
4.  Fright Rider 23 Votes, 11%
5.  Flashwing 19 Votes, 8%
6.  Shroomboom 18 Votes, 8%
7.  Chill 10 Votes, 4%
8.  Sprocket 8 Votes, 3%

All in all we had over 200 votes, which is great for a short termed poll.

Hot Dog emerged #1, but yet again I have to question if his recent release didn't sway folks in that direction...I may poll this one again later on towards summer and see if answers change.

That said, I'm not surprised that he was a top vote getter given how well he will connect with most players. I was surprised to see Pop Fizz perform so well, I had him more mid-low pack in my expectations...I assume he must have hit home with many players.  3-6 was VERY TIGHT with only 8 votes separating #3 Jet-Vac from #6 Shroomboom.  I honestly thought Chill would have performed a bit better, but I was wrong.
The thing I am LEAST surprised about is Sprocket.  She was the least anticipated and it looks like she will likely remain a bottom dweller in most circles.

I have yet to upgrade anyone at this point so a lot can change...I will make a post and two vids regarding my overall rankings of these 8 Newlanders and how I rate them aesthetically.  For a teaser, I will tell you that unless Sprocket's upgrade are hilarious, deal a ton of damage, and are easy to implement she will be the 8th slot in my overall list as well...

Stay tuned for more on this topic and thanks to all who voted!

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