Monday, February 18, 2013

Blog Poll #40: Who Will Win Super Bowl XLVII?

Blog Poll #40 asked, "Who Will Win Super Bowl XLVII, the 'Bro Bow?'"

I apologize for not getting this one up any earlier, but I was very busy and honestly it slipped my mind being a good thing to ask everyone...I posted it on other sites/forums I frequent, but lost a few days before realizing it would be good to ask here...

Anyway, it was super close...just like the game...but by a margin of 2 votes, readers picked the 49ers over the Ravens.

49ers 12 Votes, 54%
Ravens: 10 Votes, 45%

It would have been cool to see if that ratio maintained itself over a longer time span...Next year I'll get it up earlier...I'll do the same for the NBA Finals, World Series, and maybe a few other sporting events.

Personally I wanted the 49ers to win.  I will note that I am a HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan and it is hard to pull for San Fransisco because of that, BUT I also play fantasy and really like a lot of the players on I liked Harbaugh when he QBd for the Colts.

Frank Gore has been a fantasy staple for me as has Patrick Willis, who grew up a Cowboys fan.  Crabtree made "the catch" against Texas back a few year ago and it is nice to see him coming along in the offense.

While I did have Ray Rice this year, I am just not big on the Ravens.  I've always liked Boldin...Torrey Smith  was a great story this year, and I enjoyed Jacoby Jones while he played for Houston, but overall it was no contest...I wanted SF to dominate them.

Oh some, loose was memorable (blackout, ha!) and turned out to be pretty close.

Thanks to everyone who was on in the time window to vote...again, I'll get the polls up SOONER next time!

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