Monday, February 18, 2013

Blog Poll Results #37: Kaos Battle Dilemna

Blog Poll #37 asked, "Kaos Battle Dilemna?"  Which was of course expanded upon as whether you would prefer to see me take on Kaos with "Stock" or "Upgraded" Skylanders.  Here are the results:

As you can see, the consensus was to use upgraded Skylanders by a 50-16 (+34) margin.

However, I opted to do the opposite...but I am doing both!  Allow me to explain...

My thoughts were since we began on the Easy File, it made sense to make it as tough as possible against Kaos...The logic is that the more Skylanders we loose, the more we get to use in the battle.  Well, that is what I wound up doing.

The other, and more significant, reason is that going box-stock will allow me to upload the "upgrades" in a better structured set-up.

So, for those of you reading...I will be taking on Kaos with "box-stock" Newlanders in roughly Part 90-91 and then with the "box-stock" Giants around Part 93-94.

And, for everyone that wanted to see upgraded Skylanders take on the lord of darkness, fear not...I will do just that in the Nightmare Mode Playthough!

Thanks to all who voted!

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