Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hot Toy Alert: Buy Ninjini at Toys'R'Us 2/27/2013

While shoveling infinite amounts of snow I had a Tweet from Philip notifying me that Ninjini would be hitting shelves at most Toys'R'Us stores tomorrow!

I just finished supper and refreshed my inbox to finally see the "Hot Toy Alert" check it out:

Several folks have already gotten their Ninjinis from Toys'R'Us.  This technically shouldn't happen, but it is what some stores do for known, or regular customers.  

There have been confirmed reports of stores having either A: No Clue about It, B: as few as 8, and C: As many as 30-40.

The Shipping Crate for Ninjini includes the following: 2 Ninjini, 2 Thumpback, 1 Eye-Brawl, and 1 Crusher.

So, if your store tells you that have X crates, simply multiply that by 2 and you'll know how many Ninjinis they should have on hand...

If you recall from my Weekly Update, my local TRU had FINALLY stocked the new Giants...With the release expected nation wide, I would think they have likely been sitting on Ninjini for awhile.  Scarlet Ninjini is also in the mix, but we still have no confirmation on when she will be released, or where...

What is really disturbing though is the PR stunt by Toys'R'Us at times square in new york city where they made sure to stress that the Ninjini figures they were giving out would not be available in stores for MONTHS.  That is pretty sad in all honesty.  It was a cool promotion for the handful of people that could show up in the early morning of a workday in one area, but stretching the truth like that was tasteless...

I say it all the time, but DO NOT BUY SKYLANDERS FROM ebay!  Unless you are paying less than retail, never do it...It fuels the people that clear shelves and make a living scalping things...

As for me and Ninjini...I am not sure.  I have just learned to be disappointed by anything that TRU sends out a "hot toy alert" for because they always seem to stretch things out (kind of like times square).  I have yet to hit the store on release day for any Skylanders related merchandise when they haven't been cleaned out and upon inquiring I find from employees they had very limited quantities.

I honestly might just wait for GameStop or Amazon.

Toys'R'Us is great when they have sales, but the rest of the time they just handle promotions poorly and tend to over hype things.  

If you do hit up your store tomorrow I would suggest you have them price match, although with Ninjini not out anywhere else, I'm not sure they will do it...There is no reason to charge an extra $1 over everyone else in the retail world.

As usual, if I venture out and land her I will post up...

That said, they still seem to have the Buy One Get One 40% Off, so you could at least take advantage of that one...it kind of offsets the $1 extra price point.

I've yet to hear of anyone confirming this, BUT there is also a small chance they will have other Wave 4 Skylanders like S2 Spyro, S2 Wrecking Ball, and maybe even L-LC Chill.  If we don't see Chill with this grouping, I think we will see her before Easter, kind of like Dragon's Peak last year.

Well...good luck!  Hopefully there is the stock to match the hype this time.  I wouldn't be shocked if a lot of the stock isn't held back until Sunday...the day AFTER the 40% Off Sale will end, lol. 


  1. The TRU Express I goto had 4. No other new Skylanders but they did have all the giants stocked for the first time in a long time. This is not a TRU exclusive so everyone else will have them when wave 4 fully hits.

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    1. Nice...looks like you got pretty lucky with the low or limited stock. Online it seemed to be a hit and miss once more with some stores having stock and others dealing out rain checks. I was unable to go, but will pursue her tonight when I make my usual rounds.

      She was on Amazon off-and-on early in the afternoon...I had her a few times, but got the "item not available" when I went to check out.

      I will hope that the manager I talk to is at GameStop tomorrow night and I'll see if I can score some idea on time frames for W4. Very surprised they didn't unload some W4 singles today as well.

  2. Might also want to give a heads up about GS. All of the W4 characters are showing up as well, but as soon as I head to GS on Friday, i'll confirm if they're there or not.

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    1. If I'm lucky, I'll go on and pluck at least three of them AND MHD if I get the chance.

    2. I'll be checking my GameStop tomorrow night and see if I can get some insights. They added the official box art a few weeks ago...I've got all the MIAlanders (just came up with that, bahahaha!) on my "Wish List" and check it often...you can order from it a little BEFORE they make the stock available to everyone ;)

      I also found Wrecking Ball, LC Chill, and LC Pop Fizz on Amazon and had them join Ninjini on their Wish List...she was off-and-on all day...just missed her a few times.

      If I get any insights I'll let you know! Good luck Friday!

    3. Hah! I beat you with getting Spyro and Wrecking Ball! :D Check my Google+ to see! They were the ONLY ONES OF EACH in the Gamestop, but if this is any indication, a certain Magic Giant isn't far behind. :D

    4. Nice...congrats on landing them! I told you I figured you'd see them Wednesday at the latest...I love being right, lol. I bet my local stores have them too...I just already ordered to be safe. People assume GS gets the same cases as TRU, WM etc...they do, but at the HQ...from there they open them, box them as they want, and then ship out...that is why you don't always see the same stuff...and never find variants, lol. Hope you land Ninjini!

    5. Don't if my Gamestop has Ninjini yet, but they have an unopened box of Skylanders Giants toys in the back, so if there is one of her there, they'll be sure to hold her for me for when I get off work. :D Here's to hoping Flashing gives me good luck today just like she was yesterday.

    6. Well, I'm happy to report (both here and on my G+ page) that I now have Ninjini! That means that I can FINALLY get back to the newlanders quest and get Flashwing her final three trials. :D

    7. Very nice! That'll knock out some accolades as well!

    8. Yup, and my Ninjini's fully maxed out as well, so that means that you can see her full stats, including her awesome speed (which another Giant shares as well, as I've found out), her HUGE HP (Don't know if the others will get that huge of a boost, but I can't wait!) and her pretty amazing Critical Hit Stat! Also, you'll see the comparison with her and Stealth Elf, and a glitch I found in Wilikin Village with one of the babies at the first part. Be sure to check it out!

    9. Nice, that was quick ;) I just checked it out on G+ before commenting back here. I can def see her being quicker than Crusher. I thought his #s were infalated after completing the HCs and then playing with him.

      I'm excited to take Ninjini thru the rest of the Speed stuff and see how she performs...I can't imagine anyone competing with Stealth Elf, but the numbers say she will. Maybe I can use her in some of the time goals.

      I think I've seen that, lol. Pesky Wilikin, haha.

      And you will be happy to know that Jade will have better base stats!

      +6 Armor
      +10 Critical Hit

      when compared to regular Flashwing.

      I have all the intro vids uploading, so I might go in and work on the Heroics for these new folks. I did buy L-LC Chill all her base upgrades AND Soul Gem power! The Narwhal lights up gold...least they could do after how bad her light up effect was, lol. I really like her base upgrades! I treat the Legendaries (minus Bouncer) to early base upgrades...I even let Slam Bam sneak his Soul Gem :D

      I'll still use them for different paths when I record it all, but since most are S2 and well known I figured I'd help them out a little.

    10. Yea, I meant to say "Bouncer". :P I guess I was getting tired out at that moment. :P

    11. Ah, that explains it...Bouncer def seemed quicker than Crusher, even when Crusher has the "Future Hat" (+10 Speed). I may go in and knock out a few more Heroics tonight.

    12. Yea, though when I was playing the two last night, I could definitely tell that Ninjini was much quicker, even though the two giants have the same speed. :P

    13. Nice...I think a few were close to Stealth Elf's numbers last time, but she always seemed way quicker too. Must be the Djinn training :)

  3. This'll be my last big purchase before it's time for vacation or getting any new books/games/etc.

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    1. I hear that...hope you can land all of them quick and then save your money for the trip. Where you headed? Is it a Spring Break run?


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