Monday, February 18, 2013

Blog Poll # 42: Castaways vs Newlanders

Blog Poll #42 is pretty cool.  It is a structured elemental battle between the Series 1 Castaways and the Newlanders in Skylanders Giants.

What I want to know is simply which of the dueling, same element Skylanders do you like the best.

Here is how they stack up:


Air: Warnado vs Jet-Vac
Earth: Dino-Rang vs Flashwing
Fire: Sunburn vs Hot Dog
Life: Camo vs Shroomboom
Magic: Voodood vs Pop Fizz
Tech: Boomer vs Sprocket
Undead: Ghost Roaster vs Fright Rider
Water: Wham-Shell vs Chill

I think this poll is truly going to be epic!!  There are some great matchups listed above!  And it is the ultimate showdown...old vs new, the forgotten vs the new kid, a true clash of titans!  This will pit what is "hot and trendy" vs a few fan favorites from the first game.  I can't wait to see the results!

Just so we are clear, here are the definitions as referenced in this poll:

Castaway: One of the Eight Original Skylanders who was not brought back with a Series 2 repose for Skylanders Giants.

Newlander: One of the Eight Band New, regular size Skylanders introduced in Skylanders Giants.

You can vote ONCE in EACH poll.  That means if you are all about the newlanders you can vote for each of them.  The polls are located (as always) on the RH Side of the Blog, just below the Twitter Feed.

Cast your vote, spread the word, and help your favorite Skylander prevail in battle...If there is enough interest in this line-up, I will continue it on to a Round 2 etc by some means yet to be determined!

Feel free to comment with who you voted for and why...

Let the Battle begin!!!

Round 1 Results:

Round 2 Matches:

Round 2 Results:

Round 3 Matches:

Round 3 Results:

Round 4 Matches:

Round 4 Results:

Round 5 Matches

Round 5 Results

Round 6 Matches:

Round 6 Results

Round 4 & 5 Tie Updates:

Round 7 Matches

Round 7 Results

Round 8 Matches

Round 8 Results

Sudden Death Results

With Camo defeating Pop Fizz 30-19, we now have conclusive results and standings for the main run of Castaways vs Newlanders!  Here are the final results:


1. Camo (8-0)
2.  Ghost Roaster (7-1)
3.  Wham-Shell (7-1)
4.  Sunburn (6-2)
5.  Dino-Rang (5-3)
6.  Boomer (5-3)
7.  Warnado (5-3)
8.  Voodood (3-5)


1.  Hot Dog (6-2)
2.  Pop Fizz (5-3)
3.  Fright Rider (3-5)
4.  Jet-Vac (1-7)
5.  Flashwing (1-7)
6.  Shroomboom (1-7)
7.  Sprocket (1-7)
8.  Chill (0-8)

The plan is to now enter into a Castaways vs Castaways and Newlanders vs Newlanders "second half of the season" if you will...Essentially each Skylander has 7 more matches to improve their mark.  Camo could finish 15-0 (8-0) (7-0) while Chill could finish 0-15 (0-8)(0-7).  It should be a lot of fun with some epic showdowns and what should be very competitive matches...Stay tuned for the next round!


  1. i saw a whamshell for 5 dollars at kmart... shame i had already payed 15 at big w.(those are aussie stores) i think they might bring back some castaways as light cores.

    Reply Delete
    1. Wow, that is a good deal...Main thing is you at least got him...very hard to come by Whammy. There is a good chance they will do just that.

    2. Any word if some of the castaways will be rereleased in Swapforce?

    3. I haven't heard anything official, past an early interview stating Boomer would. My personal hope is that we see all of the castaways return.

      If I find any more out, I will post up.


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