Monday, February 18, 2013

Blog Poll #41: How to Record Skylanders Giants Upgrades?

Blog Poll #41 asks, "How to Record Skylanders Giants Upgrades?"

Basically that is the best "short" way of asking, how would you prefer to see me record the Skylanders Giants upgrades?

-By Element (Giant, Newlander, S2 of the same element)
-By Groupings
--Series 2
-Just Randomly

To expand on that so you fully understand what I'm trying to convey...I plan to start recording upgrades pretty soon.  I will make each character a stand alone video, but I am wondering how you would like to see them ordered.

Do you want to see all the Giants done back-to-back?  Or, would you prefer to see an element done in order (Giant, Newlander, Series 2) etc.

I can also just do it randomly...although in all honestly I will follow some structure.

This isn't a big deal, and I may tweak it regardless of how people vote...but I was curious of your opinions and of course, if anyone had any cool ideas...If so, post them here as a response to the blog!

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