Saturday, February 23, 2013

Order Molten Hot Dog from 2/23/2013

Well, I just wrapped up Chapters 12 and 13 on the Skylanders Giants Hard File and am seriously considering just recording mass upgrades on the Newlanders and Giants, BUT that is another story....what you care about at 6 AM is simple...

Molten Hot Dog is now up for order on for "Site-to-Store" or "Home Delivery."

As you know, I mentioned in the Weekly Update, that MHD was already on the west coast and making his way east...

I checked both Thursday and Friday night and we still had nothing.

If you want to avoid the rush, or potential scalper sprees, you can order from the comfort of home...

I still stand firm that this will be east to come by, but some people sleep better with peace of mind...

Anyway, here is the link:

I'm off to bed!


  1. Thanks for the info :) I just placed my pre order!!

    This looks like the beginning of Wave 4

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    1. No problem. I don't anticipate much trouble getting MHD, but with the site-to-store option you basically lock him down just in case...

      Yep, with L-LC Chill at Canadian TRUs she should cross the border, Target is supposedly going to launch Jade Flashwing, and perhaps most importantly it looks like we'll finally get Spyro, Wrecking Ball, and Ninjini...and Drobot, lol. Not sure on the remaining LC, but it could happen.

      I see no point in dragging it out to the extent of Dragon's Peak and Wham-Shell like last year...that was nuts.

  2. I'll likely go see if I can snag him from Wal-Mart soon!

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