Thursday, November 8, 2012

Black Friday 2012 Skylanders: Green Gill Grunt, Gnarly Tree Rex, and GITD Sonic Boom

Well, not sure that should be the title, but it applies to some of the post and it is 4 AM so we are going to run with it for now.

Long story short I wrapped up a few recordings tonight and got back to my e-mail...

I found this from Walmart:

Umm yeah...

So what we first see is a 4GB Xbox with Skylanders Spyro's Adventure that includes an exclusive character...


GREEN GILL GRUNT has finally surfaced!

Why it took over a year and what they are doing trying to move a base console and last year's version of the game remains to be seen, but if you want the "Microsoft Exclusive Green Gill Grunt" this is your chance...

Now more importantly for the rest of us (and those not interested in buying a console just to get an exclusive figure (although I admit it is a good deal if you don't have an XBOX and don't have Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure), we have this little gem:

We finally have a solid shot of the anticipated GITD Sonic Boom.  At least this is a Series 2 figure and not some rehash from late 2011.  That said, the box art depicts the Walmart Exclusive logo so I would have to guess we will see as many of these as we did TRDS (Translucent Red Drill Sergeant).

And lastly, we have Toys'R'Us finally advertising the Blue Wii with Skylanders Giants and the highly sought after Gnarly Tree Rex!

I have to say this one is tempting...and here is why.  The Blue Wii looks good, but when you factor in Giants costing roughly $75 that means you are getting the Wii for roughly $75, and it includes the Motion Plus Remote (roughly $40).

I don't need a Wii, but it might be nice to have a spare...I do like Blue...and Gnarly Tree Rex looks pretty cool.  That said, since I'm about to spring over some hard earned cash for the brand new Wii U, this one probably won't come to fruition for me...Now if this had been an exclusive pre-order that included a Blue Wii U and Gnarly Tree Rex with the Giants Starter Pack I'd have jumped on it...

Oh, and lastly you might have caught that Walmart is selling their GITD Exclusive Starter Pack for $38.96.  That is a heck of a deal!  Good enough for me to go out and stand outside a store with a bunch of, but a good deal nonetheless.  If you are on a budget, or just really thrifty, this is a hot ticket.

Well it is now after 4 AM and I had better get to bed...

I caught Hot Head on Amazon tonight, had him in my cart and the total (saved another item) was $24.01...I needed $0.99 more for the Free Shipping.  Well, by the time I found another CD and added it in the item was gone...maybe I'll get lucky tonight and find him.

Hope everyone is having a good week!


  1. That's a shame about Hot Head, but I'm sure you'll get him next time!

    That Green Gill Runt looks awesome, but I already have an Xbox 360, and I don't need another one (nor do I need S:SA again). Same goes for the Gnarly Tree Rex and the Wii. I hope these two get single pack releases some day.

    I know the ad said in-store only, but I hope that the glow in the dark Sonic Boom is offered online too. I do not want to set foot into Walmart on Black Friday.


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    1. I know...I was under the impression my Hot Head would stay since I had "added it to the cart." I even checked and it dropped from 14 available to 13.

      By the time I tracked down the Audioslave CD I had (the link I saved in the cart for free shipping expired with that seller), I went in and just saw the CD, phone charger, and no Hot Head.

      That turned out to be a big mistake on my part because I made the rounds tonight and there were no signs of him...GameStop gave the same story they have only had 1.

      I agree on Gill Grunt...the green looks great on him...I also agree that has to be one of the lamest promos ever. If it was Giants (like we see with the Wii), I would understand. It is almost like they planned it for last holiday season and dropped the ball or something. The S2 Gill Grunt (one of my favorite reposes in terms of aesthetics) would also look killer in green.

      I've had a few people tell me they bought the Blue Wii Bundle and sold Giants, and the Wii, and actually turned a slight profit while getting Gnarly. That said, I don't really trust people enough to pick it up and try the same. He does look cool, but I've got 2 Tree Rex figures via the 3DS and Wii Starter Packs.

      I was hoping for that too...I have the direct link to GITD Sonic Boom if you want it...hasn't been updated just yet. My thoughts are they will have plenty of them. You can still find a TRDS from time-to-time and with the GITD Starter Packs still shelved I have high hopes for this Walmart exclusive.

      I am the same way on Black Friday. There is NOTHING I need or want that is worth putting up with the tumult of people. That's actually why I run my errands on weeknights....just to avoid weekend crowds, lol.


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