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Unboxing Skylanders Giants Triple Pack #4: Gill Grunt, Flashwing, Double Trouble

Unboxing Triple Pack #4: Gill Grunt, Flashwing, and Double Trouble

What? Skylanders Giants Triple Pack #4

Where Did You Get It?  Walmart

What Did It Cost?  $24.96 plus tax

What Is Included?  Gill Grunt, Flashwing, Double Trouble, Stat Cards, Stickers, and Web Code

What Was Stock Like?  I think there were 4 in the store, the other three all stashed.  That said, Toys'R'Us had none of the Triple Packs.  Target had no new Triples or new singles.  GameStop had singles but not this triple pack.

Quick Character Info:

Gill Grunt

Slogan:  "Fear the Fish!"

Card Stats:

Power: 85/150
Defense: 70/150
Agility: 40/150
Luck: 85/150
Totals: 280/600


Slogan: "Blinded by the Light!"

Power: 40/150
Defense: 80/150
Agility: 80/150
Luck: 80/150
Totals: 280/600

Double Trouble

Slogan: "Boom Shock-A-Laka!"

Power: 90/150
Defense: 60/150
Agility: 30/150
Luck: 100/150
Totals: 280/600


This has actually  turned out to be a pretty cool triple pack.  I didn't figure I would get lucky and find it quite this soon, but I suppose diligence pays off...or scalpers are waiting till Black Friday.

That said, Flaswhing is a character I am really looking forward to...If you were unaware the Earth Element is my favorite and that coupled with the story reference lasers shooting from her tail give me high expectations.  The figure, while not my color scheme, looks great.  Double Trouble is my favorite Magic Element character and one that I think is under rated.  I used him box-stock to do what most deem "difficult" portions of SSA and he aced them.  I am not a huge fan of the repose, but the fact he gets a Wow Pow Power makes up for it.

The real icing on the cake, and an unexpected surprise, is how well done Gill Grunt's repose looks.  Prior to unboxing, I had no idea he was "blasting off" with the water tanks out back.  The colors are vibrant, the harpoon looks killer, and the fact so much went in to the design just makes you proud to look at it knowing he is in your arsenal.  That said, the other treat is that short of going online or buying another Starter Pack for SSA, there was no way to get a "spare" Gill Grunt (Series 1) to take down his other path.  I can finally try Water Weaver and get the benefit of the Wow Pow to go with what is easily the most impressive repose I have seen to date.  This triple pack definitely saved me a few bucks and stacks up very well!


  1. Hi, do you know if there will be more than these 4 triple packs - eventually?

    Again, thanks for all your videos, I enjoy everyone of them! :)

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    1. Guess I should have used "Ask 1of...", hope you won't miss my question..

    2. hey, long time no talk! Yep, as best I know there will be 9 of them. What 5-9 are is beyond me. I would imagine we should see the remaining Series 2 reposed Skylanders with a new one in most of them.

  2. i agree with you about double trouble being my fave character. have you tried out then new characters from tripl pack 3 and 4 yet? tell me how they are(flashwing and sprocket) at first i didnt like sprocket but the more i think about it the more i like her a bit like boomer but sadly have neither. i will be getting both triple packs when they come out in Australia however.

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    1. He is my favorite Magic character at this point...although Wow Pows or a great Pop Fizz upgrade path could change that...

      I actually recorded intros and heroics for Triple Packs 2, 3, and 4 the last few nights. I recorded "what we missed" from Ch. 1-4 tonight and got to use a few new ones. All impressions are from box stock perspectives.

      Sprocket's wrench is solid, but the secondary attack reminds me of Hex's storm of skulls in that you just don't really get a chance to use it due to the time to make it happen. When I do use it, the range is lackluster.

      Flaswhing I have yet to use in real gameplay, but I think she looks to be a bit more powerful overall at this point.

      Chill really surprised me and seems like she'll be a very solid addition.

      Sprocket could upgrade well, but right now I'd rank them Chill, Flashwing, and Sprocket as far as how they play with no upgrades etc.

      Hope they come out soon!

  3. i hope u will do a play through on flashwing soon cos she is my 4th favourite character so far but i dont have skylanders giants yet :( . i realy want its a i hope u do that video soon.
    my top five fav skylanders are :
    Flamesligher, Camo, Bash, Flashwing and Frightrider ( all in order )

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    1. I've actually got her Intro and HC recorded...just need to edit it and get it uploaded...could see it this weekend, not sure. I should start using her in Ch 6 in the playthrough bc that is where I'll pick up.

      Nice list! Camo can at least be used in Giants and enjoy the Level Cap of 15. Fright Rider is also pretty solid imo (box stock anyway).


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