Sunday, November 4, 2012

Unboxing Skylanders Giants Triple Pack #1: Pop Fizz, Whirlwind, and Trigger Happy

Unboxing Triple Pack #1: Pop Fizz, Whirlwind, and Trigger Happy

What?  Triple Pack #1

Where Did You Get It?

What Did It Cost?  $24.99 plus tax, plus shipping

What Is Included?  Pop Fizz, S2 Whirlwind, S2 Trigger Happy, 3 Stat Cards, and 3 Sticker Sheets with Web Codes

What Was Stock Like?  I have yet to walk in a store and NOT see Triple Pack #1.

Quick Character Info

Pop Fizz
Series 2, New Skylander, Magic Element
Slogan "Motion of the Potion!" although he says, "The Motion of the Potion!"

Card Stats:

Power/Strength: 65/150
Armor/Defense: 50/150
Agility/Speed: 50/150
Luck: 105/150
Totals: 270/600

Punch Pop Fizz's Card has the EXACT SAME STATS!

Series 2, Air Element

Slogan: "Twists of Fury!"

Card Stats:

Power/Strength: 70/150
Armor/Defense: 40/150
Agility/Speed: 65/150
Luck: 95/150
Stats: 270/600

Trigger Happy
Series 2, Tech Element

Slogan: "No Gold, No Glory!"

Card Stats:

Power/Strength: 70/150
Armor/Defense: 30/150
Agility/Speed: 70/150
Luck: 100/150
Totals: 270/600


This is a decent triple pack.  For those that want Pop Fizz and like Trigger Happy or Whirlwind it is a no brainer.  All three of these characters are available in Single Pack format, but if you are going that route you might as well save a few bucks and spring for the triple pack.

I was originally unsure if I would get ALL of the Series 2 or just my favorites. mis-shipped this...I had ordered TP2 (Ignitor, Chill, and Zook), but returning it would have been a pain and I was still debating it as I did like the TH repose.  That said, I decided to keep it...

Pop Fizz has been a lot of fun thus far and I am looking forward to upgrading him.  I know what to expect from TH and WW and will use them as time allows in the playthrough.

Overall, this isn't at the top of my list for "Best Triple Pack Ever" but it does likely have value in you getting a new Skylander, a starter pack classic, and a somewhat under appreciated Whirlwind.  Like I said, she does have diehard fans, but a lot of people write her off...If you take the time to upgrade her, you won't be disappointed!

I have never had trouble finding this Triple has been at pretty much every store I have set foot in and usually in a high quantity.


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