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Weekly Update 11/18/2012 4:30 AM

Well, North is the day.

Wii U Launch!!

Nintendo' Wii U launches today!  Many of you already have it thanks to midnight releases...and some of you like @Britt5091 have 3 (I guess because you're just awesome, lol).

I got confirmation Thursday afternoon that my Wii U was going to be ready to pick up at Toys'R'Us.

I pre-ordered it on Day 2.  I actually went in on Day 1 (Thurs.) and the store didn't have the cards or info to take any pre-orders.  Jut for the record of me being diehard Nintendo/Skylanders and/or annoying to my local TRU I was the first person to use the "Hot Toy Reservation List" to secure the Legendary Triple Pack, bahahaha.

The plot actually got thick there for awhile because I was leaving to go out-of-town on Friday...I knew they would sell out fast (and they did!), so I asked if I could call in...The lady I dealt with was great and told me she'd be in around 11 AM.  I called, she took my info and credit card info ($20 deposit), and thus secured my Wii U Deluxe.  I ran in next week and got my reservation card from her.

This past week I pulled it out and had a semi-panic as there was no receipt with it.  I've been picking up Christmas gifts for my nephew for several months and I save all the was no where.  I still had the Hot Toy List print out, that series of receipts (overall I think there were like 8), and the GameStop paperwork for my Golden Dragonfire Cannon Battle Pack.

The Wii U receipt was no where :(

The ticket clearly read "Bring this reservation ticket and your receipt to pick up your Wii U."

Crimey!  Here I am thinking I'll not only miss out on the Wii U, but loose $20 in the process.

I was going to run in Thursday night and try to see if they had the receipt, or if I could bring in the reservation ticket and my charge card bill showing the $20 was charged....

As fate would have it around 3 PM break time I had a new e-mail from TRU and it said I could bring the reservation ticket and receipt OR "this e-mail" to pick up the Wii U...


That was a big weight off my shoulders...just for good measure I asked Thursday night and the associate said she thought she still had the receipt on her desk but not to worry because she knew I pre-ordered and they would hold it for me...Awesome!

Wii U Games

So I will be honest...I was actually debating NOT getting any games.  I know, sounds crazy right?!  But hear me out...I am in the middle of what will be an extensive Skylanders Giants Playthrough.  I then want to finish Mario Kart and Mario Party 9.  In the mean time I want to play and finish SSA 3DS, start and finish Giants 3DS, finish Professor Layton and the Curious Village DS, and I've got Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box (got it locally late in the summer) AND Professor Layton and the Unwound Future (got it to get free shipping from Amazon and at a great price) that I kind of want to get started and wrapped up so I can feel good about progressing into the new 3DS Layton game.

Granted the 3DS stuff is kind of limited use, late night before bed, and travel situations, BUT it is pretty extensive.  Oh, and I got Super Paper Mario Sticker Star for the 3DS on the BOGO 40% off sale Thursday night...Yep, it is in the mix...Gotta have something to break up the puzzle/mystery that is Professor Layton!

So what I wanted to do was focus my main attention on the Giants playthrough...leisurely work on the 3DS list, and then get into Wii U games as I wrap up Mario Kart Wii and Mario Party 9.

That said, there are several I am very interested in, most notably New Super Mario Bros. Wii U, Assassin's Creed III, and Black Ops II.  There are a few other titles I'd like to try as I haven't had access to them with my Wii/PS2 set-up.

However, an e-mail from TRU changed my mind.  Tomorrow, yes launch day, TRU is having a Buy One, Get One 40% off sale on Wii U Games!  I did not expect that on launch day.  The sad fact of the matter is that NSMB will likely be perched at $60 for a LONG TIME.  If ACII or BOII come down in price it will likely only be $10 or so in the immediate future.  This changes my plans as that is a pretty solid deal AND I'd really like to play NSMB Wii U for a change of pace from Giants (or just when it is too late to record or the computer isn't wanting to cooperate etc).

I will probably head in tomorrow and see how it goes.  I really planned to just be content with Nintendo Land and fully explore it and enjoy it while I wrap up other things and hope to see prices come down etc...I still plan to stick to that, just maybe with 2 games thrown in the mix.

Speaking of Giants...

Skylanders Giants Playthrough

So, where are the videos?  Well, they are coming my friends...I should upload several of them tonight (Sunday).  I actually recorded last night (Friday) and did intros for all the recently unboxed characers (LC Drobot, LC Eruptor, Whirlwind, Trigger Happy, Slam Bam, Terrafin, and yes...Hot Head!).

Tonight I did something different and went ahead and edited all of last night's recordings.  That means I am fully caught up in that regard.  Yep...Part 41 is ready to go as is everything below it.

That should give me quite a bit of time to focus on the game play (beginning with Chapter 6) and make solid progress as I do not anticipate getting any new Skylanders, although I could be wrong.

I'm not sure if I will upload 2 each day, or just pile a ton of them on...I will be very busy around Thanksgiving and probably won't be doing anything in terms of uploads or recordings.

In all honesty I would really like to upload Chill, Sprocket, Flashwing, and Hot Head, but people would probably freak they were "out of order."  Who knows, I may do that as a Thanksgiving deal and then resume  uploading the rest...

Skylanders Giants Blog Posts

The other big accomplishment from Friday night was the fact that I spelled out all the HCs I have access to WITH descriptions and WITH power stats.  I will be posting it to the blog later and can then order it accordingly etc.

I may also work towards getting the character bio's typed out and posted...

I would already have done that stuff IF the playthrough were complete...I kind of want to keep the focus on that, finish it, and then get in to the extra stuff  and details etc.

Skylanders Battle Tournament

I won't go into many details, but I really want to get a new Battle Tournament set up BEFORE Thanksgiving...It will be the same set up as last time...Video intro, vote on the blog, winners advance, crown a champion!  Stay tuned for updates!

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First off, hopefully that post makes sense...I'm typing it at 430-5 AM and this is after I was up until 7 AM last night recording all the new character introductions.

My plan of action for today (Sunday) is to get a little sleep, take in the Cowboys game, and then head up to TRU to pick up the Wii U.  I will record an unboxing, hook it up, and kind of give you some first impressions on it and Nintendo Land etc.  As of right now I am not sure if I can record gameplay footage or not...I am not really set up for HDMI stuff.  In all honesty if not for getting a new computer last summer I wouldn't have an HDMI port anywhere in the house, lol.  My TV may be old school but the picture is great and I don't really like spending money on stuff like that when it works just fine as is...

Luckily, the new computer has the HDMI port and a very nice size screen so I can hook it up here (with the help of (yet) another outlet expander).  It will be far from ideal, but it will let me download the update (which is quite lengthy from what I have seen tonight...expect over an hour), and check things out.

I guess I'll probably unbox it, update it, and then play around with it while some vids upload :D

So the next question is who all else is getting a Wii U on launch day?  What games are you picking up?  If you aren't getting one do you want it for a gift, or hope to pick one up later as funds allow?

I feel lame for getting the console, not having a "modern" tv, and not really wanting to spring for all of the new titles, but I suppose I am a different sort.  My tv is staying put and I really do want to focus on Giants before diving into ACIII, Black Ops II, Darksiders II, Batman Arkham City, MEIII, or even ESPN Sports Connection (which I think will drop from $49 soon...hopefully).

I kind of want to take the Wii U on as a chance to buy 1 game and actually complete it  before getting backlogged like I have done with the Wii, lol.  I guess on the bright side I can play all these untouched and waiting Wii titles on the Wii U!

Anyway, I'm very tired and going to get some sleep...Post up what your plans are!  Hope you are all having a great weekend!

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