Sunday, November 18, 2012

Unboxing New Super Mario Bros. U

Unboxing New Super Mario Bros. U

What?  New Super Mario Bros. U

Where Did You Get It?  Toys'R'Us

How Much Was It?  $59.99 plus tax

What Was Stock Like?  Most stocked Wii U game...shouldn't be hard to find.


New Super Mario Bros. U screams fun...and that is just from the packaging.  Nintendo really nailed the bold, grab-your-attention blue and coupled it with colorful, deep cover art that just draws you in to wanting to experience the game IMMEDIATELY.

I was very impressed with the packaging overall including the manual and game disc.  What I liked best about the NSMBU packaging was the very nice World Map inside...I honestly hope to see that show up in Club Nintendo!

Speaking of that, NSMBU is of course a Club Nintendo title and you can currently redeem it for 70 Points...a very nice treat for the Nintendo faithful!

Also, I can't stress enough that TRU has a BOGO 40% Off Sale on Wii U games running from 11/18-11/21!  This is a huge savings on what should be top-tier games...I am still shocked that they chose to do this on launch day...Take advantage of it and score yourself another launch title at nearly 1/2 price!

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