Thursday, November 15, 2012

Skylanders Giants: Unboxing Terrafin

Unboxing Terrafin

What?  Terrafin, Series 2 Skylander, Earth Element

Where Did You Get It?

What Did It Cost?  $9.99 plus shipping, plus tax

What is Included?  Terrafin, Stat Card, and Sticker Sheet with Web Code

What Was Stock Like?  I have rarely been in a store that didn't have S2 Terrafin.

Quick Character Info

Slogan: "It's Feeding Time!"


Power/Strength: 80/150
Defense/Armor: 100/150
Agility/Speed: 30/150
Luck: 60/150
Totals:  270/600


Terrafin is my favorite Skylander and thus was well worth picking up early (ie before he was in a Triple Pack).  They did an awesome job with his repose and it is very menacing.

Terrafin appealed to me because of his unique abilities.  In SSA, no one else could burrow under the ground...this unique ability was further awesome-ized with the ability not only for his dorsal fin to do damage, but also to pick items up.  This makes him a beast not only in story mode, but also in Battle Mode.

Terrafin's Pirate Seas is a fun level and worth picking up if you are new to Giants.  I would advise you go that route if you are unsure if you will like him as you get more for your money.  That said, if you do like Terrafin from Pirate Seas, spring for S2 Terrafin and you will get access to his new Wow Pow Power and have the ability to switch upgrade paths!

I have never had trouble finding S2 Terrafin.  The few times I have been in a store and they didn't have him, I am confident they likely had stock in the back, or a delivery on the way.  That said, when he did turn up missing pretty much every other store in town had him.

He is a great Skylander and was granted a killer repose...I highly recommend you pick him up for the battle vs Kaos!


  1. Well, this Skylander and Slam Bam are both your favorite Series 2. Well, I always knew that.
    Two quick things
    !) From what I see, you have a nice house (Random, I know)
    2) For Series 2 Skylanders, I plan on mainly getting Flameslinger (I have the original, and he is one of my favorites) and Wrecking Ball (Don't have the original, but I love his new saber tooth thing)
    That one question that kept on being published, sorry for that. My computer is doing that for some reason.
    Thanks for everything.

    I heard Thumpback is coming at the beginning of December. Wouldn't mind him at all. Hope you catch him as well

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    1. Yep. Warnado was my most anticipated Skylander and while I do like him (and he is way up the list) Terrafin currently remains my #1. Slam Bam is my Nepehw's favorite and I'd put him at my #2 slot. Something most people dont know is how well I like Dino-Rang. He is totally under rated, under appreciated, and it is a shame he isn't getting a repose. Terrafin, Dino-Rang, Prism Break, and Bash are why the Earth Element is my favorite...all, dare I say, rock solid and great characters!

      Haha, thanks. I need to clear the pool table off so I can actually use it for pool!

      Flameslinger is great...his S2 pose is very good imo. I dont' have him yet bc I'm holding out to see what Triple Pack he winds up in with a hope of saving money. I really like the column of fire...I used it a lot, just mainly in the playthrough to get back to Ch 20 without the Weapon Master Glitch.

      Wrecking Ball still reminds me of Kirby...the sabertooth S2 pose is a nice look.

      Yeah, I'd have to say since they dropped the ball on Eye-Brawl, Thumpback is the most logical to see next...I'd expect Eye-Brawl after that and Ninjini last.

      Who knows though how they will really release them. Nonetheless hope you can land S2 Flameslinger ,WBall, and of course...Thumpback!


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