Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Skylanders Giants Unboxing Bouncer

Unboxing Bouncer

What? Bouncer, Tech Element Giant

Where Did You Get It?

What Did It Cost?  $14.99

What is Included?  Bouncer, Stat Card, Sticker Sheet with Web Code

What Lights Up?  Eyes and Torso

What Was Stock Like?  I have yet to see a store NOT have Bouncer.

Quick Character Info

Bouncer, Tech Element Giant

Slogan: "Deal with the Wheel!"


Power/Strength: 150/150
Defense/Armor: 110/150
Agility/Speed: 50/150
Luck: 90/150
Totals: 400/600

Legendary Bouncer's Card Stats:

Power/Strength: 150/150
Defense/Armor: 120/150 (+10 over Bouncer)
Agility: 50/150
Luck: 90/150
Totals: 410/600


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  2. Just a quick message to say thank you for all the Skylanders Giants unboxing video's you've uploaded. Extremely informative & helped me decide which characters i'll be buying. ( I only ended up buying the game after watching the 3DS starter kit unboxing ) I'll be waiting for the next one. Many Thanks, Chris

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    1. Thanks, I genuinely appreciate it. I get a lot of flack for having "long" unboxings, but my goal with them is to give people a good look at the character, their back story, and as you people figure out who they want to buy etc.

      Hope you enjoy the game!


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