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Skylanders Giants Heroic Challenge List

*Please note that this is a work in progress.  Obviously I do not have all the Skylanders yet, so I do not know what the remaining HCs are in regards to whether they match the S1 character's previous HC, if they are the same and the stat bonus has changed (Double Trouble for example going from Speed to Critical Hit), and I have yet to buy challenges from Auric..  I will update here as I get new characters AND to organize the challenges by power-up etc.

If you COPY this list, please at least link it back to the blog.

Skylanders Giants Heroic Challenges

In-Game Order

Prism Break
Lair of the Giant Spiders
Clear the mine of 6 giant spiders.
+5 Critical Hit

Lightning Rod
Fight, Teleport, Fight!
Fight and teleport your way to the Tribal Mask.
+3 Armor

The Three Teleporters
Find the correct path to the Golden Spork
+3 Armor

Mining for Charms
Find Magical ore buried within the rocks
+5 Elemental Power

Mining is the Key
Break rocks to find the keys to find the treasure.
+4 Speed

Stump Smash
Mission Achomplished
Pick a path and take out the chompies.
+3 Armor

Sonic Boom
Time’s A-Wastin’
Take out enemies for extra time needed to exit.
+5 Critical Hit

Save the Purple Chompies!
Hit green Chompies, not purple!  WARNING: This is tough!
+4 Speed

Spawner Cave
Take out 100 Chompies by finding the best spawners.
+5 Critical Hit

Lock Key
Arachnid Antechamber
Defeat 8 giant spiders in this dungeon.
+4 Speed

Trigger Happy
Hobson’s Choice
Fight and teleport your way to find the antique vanity.
+5 Critical Hit

Isle of the Automatons
Destroy Automatons and other enemies to score 75 points.
+5 Elemental Power

Double Trouble
You Break It, You Buy It!
Hit Trolls, not paintings!  WARNING: This is tough!
+5 Critical Hit

Stealth Elf
Minefield Mishap
Make it through the minefield.  WARNING: This is tough!
+4 Speed

Lobs O’Fun
Earn a tasty treat by taking out Cyclopses.
+5 Elemental Power

Bombs to the Walls
Use bombs to find 25 magic charms.
+5 Elemental Power

Gill Grunt
Rescue 6 Mabu from the Cyclops Islands.
+3 Armor

Drill Sergeant
Environmentally Unfriendly
Bust 7 of the Troll's Pipes
+5 Elemental Power

Slam Bam
Chemical Cleanup
Score points by destroying barrels of the right color
+5 Elemental Power

Break the Cats
Destroy the cat statues.  WARNING: This is tough!
+3 Armor

Copy that Post
You just copied an entire blog post and didn't catch this.
+1 Google 

Flame Pirates on Ice
Defeat the Flamethrower Pirates.
+5 Elemental Power

Skylands Salute
Raise all the flags.
+3 Armor

Tree Rex
Save the Gecko Chorus and their King.
+4 Speed

Pop Fizz
The Sky is Falling
Destory the Troll’s large cannon.
+5 Critical Hit

Nort’s Winter Classic
Make your way around this icy course.
+3 Armor

Break the Fakes!
Put the Trolls out of Business by destroying their fakes.
+4 Speed

Baking with Batterson
Bring fruit to Batterson for a sweet reward.
+3 Armor

Blobber’s Folly
Help Blobbers escape the dungeon.
+5 Elemental Power

Fright Rider
Delivery Day
Deliver gifts to familiar characters.
+4 Speed

Give a Hoot
Return lost owls to their nests.
+4 Speed

Zombie Dance Party
Find all the Zombie heads.
+5 Critical Hit

Shepherd’s Pie
Bring sheep back to their pens.
+4 Speed

Hot Head
Watermelon’s Eleven
Dodge bombs to collect 100 watermelons.
+5 Elemental Power

Hot Dog
A Real Goat Getter
Go get the Hermit’s goats!
+3 Armor

The Great Pancake Slalom
Race against time through an icy slalom.
+4 Speed

Shoot First, Shoot Later
Fire cannons at flying barrels.
+5 Critical Hit

The King’s Breech
Defend King Capybara’s Castle against an Arkeyan Army!
+3 Armor


  1. Nice post :)

    I assume the ones you can buy from Auric will be those of the S1 Skylanders that didn't get a reposed S2 figure. So, a total of 8 should be available in different chapters of the game. At least, that's my guess. Note, you can only buy them in the chapters, not in Auric's shop on Flynn's ship.

    Drobots "kill green, not purple chompies" HC has been altered, so you only need to kill 55. But on the other hand the purple ones chase you constantly (ones you trigger them), so you need a different strategy than before - especially for Giant figures (as they kill chompies just by walking over them). I liked the old version much better, I must say.

    A thing that bothers me (a lot), and I sort of hoped they had corrected for Giants: When you finish a HC, and want to play the next, the game forget about the last one you played, and resets the "cursor" to the first one - meaning you need to page through them all again to reposition on where you were. A complete pain! To me, it seems obvious that the "cursor" should've been left on the last HC played.

    On the plus side, however, it is a really great thing that you can now skip the introduction..! :)

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    1. That appears to be correct...I have recorded a few more Chapters this week and recognized a few of them as the castaway challenges...Some of them are ridiculously expensive. However, someone just posted to the blog that Arena Challenge #20 deals out $2300 each time you beat it so that will help!

      I have yet to upgrade any characters for the simple fact I want to make sure none of the challenges are crazy like last time. I'm going to have to see how Giants fare in that one.

      Oh yeah, that bothers me too...I remember taking Warnado thru them all last time and having to cycle thru EVERYTHING to get to the final few challenges...I'm still miffed we didn't get a single player battle mode...especially given how short the game is.

      I've got L-Stealth Elf in the mix now, so next time I record I'll introduce her and add her Heroic to the mix...I'm hoping she gets to keep her speed challenge.

  2. when are u puting up ur next vid im cos u r awesome!

    while u dont put vids up all i do is watch: smosh, smosh games, syndicate, mrdalekjk, captainsparklez.

    plz put ur vid up soon!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. Hey, thanks. I actually uploaded a few tonight...I was out of town for Thanksgiving and was very busy this week...I should get some more trickling in the next few nights.


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