Sunday, November 4, 2012

Unboxing Skylanders Giants Triple Pack #2: Ignitor, Chill, and Zook

Unboxing Skylanders Giants Triple Pack #2: Ignitor, Chill, and Zook

What?  Skylanders Giants Triple Pack #2

Where Did You Get It?  Toys'R'Us

What Did It Cost?  $24.99 plus tax

What Is Included?  Ignitor, Chill, Zook, Stat Cards, Stickers, and Web Codes

What Was Stock Like?  Plentiful at all stores.

Quick Character Info:


Slogan: "Slash and Burn!"

Card Stats:

Power: 100/150
Defense: 80/150
Agility: 40/150
Luck: 50/150
Totals: 270


Slogan: "Stay Cool!"

Card Stats:

Power: 40/150
Defense: 90/150
Agility: 50/150
Luck: 90/150
Totals: 270


Slogan: "Locked and Loaded!"

Card Stats:

Power: 80/150
Defense: 85/150
Agility: 20/150
Luck: 85/150
Totals: 270


This is what looks like a solid triple pack (I haven't played Chill yet).  Zook and Ignitor are two very well rounded Skylanders and if Chill is even remotely good the purchase of this triple pack is fully justified.

Ignitor has a good repose, especially with the shield.  It isn't a huge upgrade over his Series 1 pose, but it is an upgrade.  The same can be said for Zook.  I really like the repose, but his Series 1 was solid as is.

Chill reminds me of an ice Stealth Elf.  I doubt Chill will have the same speed or be as powerful (Stealth Elf is a beast for those unaware), but I think based on what I have heard from others she should be a fun character to upgrade.

Overall while it isn't a dream triple pack, it is very solid and if you are new to Skylanders you simply can't go wrong with this one...You will not be disappointed with Zook or Ignitor.  SSA veterans will likely enjoy the pairing of Ignitor and Zook not only for their new Wow Pow Powers, but also to take advantage of  being able to try their alternate paths and switch back if you don't like it.

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