Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Skylanders Giants Unboxing LightCore Jet-Vac

Unboxing LightCore Jet-Vac

What?  LightCore Jet-Vac

Where Did You Get It?  Toys'R'Us.com via pre-order

What Did It Cost?  $11.99 plus tax, free shipping

What Is Included?  LC Jet-Vac, Stat Card, Sticker, and Webcode for Skylanders Universe

What Was Stock Like?  I honestly saw my first LC Jet-Vac this past week when I landed the Sproket and Flashwing Triple Packs.  Toys'R'Us had a few of them, GameStop had 2, Walmart had one that was hidden, and Target had none.  Online he is easy to locate, but still tough to find "in stock."  That said, I honestly feel like stock for LC Jet-Vac, Sprocket, and Flashwing etc will slowly build up over the next few weeks prior to Black Friday.  So if you want him, stay diligent and I bet you will land him!

What Lights Up?  The Air Medallion/buckle lights up and radiates out back thru the clear canister.  You also see a very nice light in his gun.  The video shows the lights well, but not their color.  The light is so bright it kind of washes out the true blue color of both lights.  If you want an accurate feel for the shade of blue simply look at my hands when the lights are out.  I said it several times, but this is one LightCore that will definitely look great in person and really casts a lot of light!

Quick Character Info:


Slogan:  "Hawk and Awe!"

Card Stats:

Power/Strength: 65/150
Defense/Armor: 50/150
Agility: 80/150
Luck: 90/150
Totals: 285/600

VS Regular Jet-Vac's Card Stats:
+5 Strength, +10 Agility, and +10 Luck

VS Legendary Jet-Vac's Card Stats:
+5 Strength, +5 Luck


  1. Well, as I said before, I managed to find mine at Gamestop (last one too!), but I didn't know that he was the Light Core until I got him home and got him on the Portal of Power, but yea, his light's really bright! Still looks awesome, though.
    As for his upgrade path, I'm thinking I'm taking him down the secondary path. Been having WAY too much fun with that for the last few hours! XD

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    1. Haha, geez...you were up as late as me! I had just shut down the computer when I got this comment emailed to me...I was actually out-of-town and got in late...I was worn out.

      I plan on doing the base upgrades and then picking...I am going to do one for reg. Jet-Vac, one for LC Jet-Vac, and then the favorite of the two for L-Jet-Vac's.

      That corkscrew move looks pretty cool imo.

      Very cool you got a LC one...For the record, my recent hunts have rarely spotted LC Jet-Vac...maybe 1-2 figures at 2 stores out of the last 3 weeks or so...seems pretty hard to come by. Prob has a lot to do with some people going with the Portal Owner's Pack and this being their first chance to get him etc.


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