Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blog Poll #15 Results: Magic Element Skylander Upgrade Paths

Blog Poll #15 "Which Upgrade Path Do You Prefer for (insert Magic Element Skylander here)?" has now wrapped up.

This was started as a request from Daphney on Twitter regarding Double Trouble, and I figured since it was going up, we just as well start this sequence for all characters.  I will be running 2 at a time (next up is Tech and Undead) and the order is determined by how you voted in the "What is Your Favorite Skylanders Element?" poll.  If you wondered, Daphney will go by your votes to pick her upgrade path for Double Trouble.

So, with that said, let's take a look at the results:

Double Trouble
-Channeler 48 Votes (64%)
-Conjuror 27 Votes (36%)

This was a pretty decisive win.  It looks like most of you prefer Double Trouble's Channeler Path.  I have not gotten him up to that point, but should soon.

-Sheep Burner 42 Votes (67%)
-Blitz Spyro 20 Votes (32%)

This was another clear cut victory.  Those participating clearly prefer what upgrading the primary attack does over going with the secondary path.

-Elementalist 35 Votes (72%)
-Marauder 13 Votes (27%)

Shazaam!  Huge win for Elementalist at a nearly 3:1 margin.  It also appears that Voodood is the least popular, or least owned Magic Element Skylander as this poll only accounted for 48 votes, roughly 2/3 of the top vote getter.

Wrecking Ball
-Total Tongue 33 Votes (55%)
-Ultimate Spinner 26 Votes (44%)

Now this was a race!  Wrecking Ball pulled in a few more votes than Voodood and had almost as many as Spyro, which means there are either a lot of Wrecking Ball fans, or he has been easy to obtain.  Total Tongue won out by a mere 7 votes.  I must confess, I have still used Wrecking Ball for a total of about 10 minutes.  I have heard that he upgrades well and reminds some people of Kirby, but I just haven't spent much time with him yet.  I can say that I would likely go with his Total Tongue as I feel his secondary attack was weak, just like Hex, and wouldn't care to upgrade it (unless of course the base ugprades changed my mind).

So there you go, you've picked out your favorite upgrade paths for the Magic Element Skylanders.  Interestingly, all 4 Magic Skylanders were deemed to upgrade the best via their Primary Attack's Upgrade Path.

Thanks to everyone who voted, this will now open up Blog Polls #18 and #19.

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