Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Skylanders Updates A'Coming


I like that, I'm publishing...that practically makes it legit, no?
Oh well, I digress.

I just wanted to take the time to say I am working on some tweaks to the blog.

I plan to do several things:

1). Update the Older Skylander Posts (the big ones anyway) to reflect current info.

And more importantly...

2). Add the "in-game" stats to some of the posts, and yes that means I will be going thru and manually doing all of it.  I really wish there was a "Table" feature in blogger as this would make things so easy.  This will be a far better representation given how the cars tend to be pretty aloof from any real pertinence to the game itself.

This will help you see the Skylanders from top to bottom and if I get the time I'll do it by each stat (which again, this would all be a resort, copy, and paste from the same spreadsheet if the table feature existed).

3). I might finally clear out some of the older blogs...I'll likely keep the early ones and those of high interest, but stuff like upgrade paths will hit the can.  Fear not, I'll take screen caps and add them to the respective results posts.

I've really been wanting to record, but to be honest I haven't had time and I can't breathe very well...I guess the whole "loosing your voice" is phase 1 (hopefully of 2).  I am still at the T-Bone levels waiting to wrap up times goals.

I think I will make the blog changes a priority (targeting early-to-mid next week), and then go from there.  I've wanted to do that for a LONG time and since it doesn't involve talking I'll try to crank it out.

Oh and it is now 7 days until the impending 3/21 date at TRU...The ebay pirates are probably calling in ringers to fill up on the loot.

Anyway, it is 4 AM and I'm beat...although I'm sure I won't be able to sleep...that whole breathing thing turns out to kind of be important in that process, who knew?

Thanks to those of you who have already voted in the new polls...I haven't posted the links on YouTube, just Twitter and Facebook.  I'm also aware of the whole Wham-Shell not being out issue, just abstain, or read about the upgrades and see what you think you'd like.

As soon as Dragon's Peak has been out a while (and hopefully that will be 3/21 with a deep stock at TRUs everywhere, I'll get the much anticipated "Favorite Adventure Pack Character Poll" up...that one should be super intense!

Feel free to post up anything you find, or updates you get from your store...I like to cite input from readers/followers if you haven't noticed, lol.


  1. My local TRU had loads of l- trigger happy in stock... taking it as a good sign for the 21st... just thought i'd share

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    1. Very cool, thanks for posting. Are you in the US? I haven't seen anything at TRU in you said though, should be a nice sign regardless!

  2. Yeah I'm in New York... Bronx to here exact.... they also had all the 3 packers minus the prism break voodood one yesterday.... manager said the 21st is a demo day and they should have plenty of singles... can't wait!

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    1. Thanks for the update....let me know what you wind up with tomorrow. I just did a post on it, some stores claim just previously released singles and others claim LR, Zook, Ignitor, and Dragon's Peak...hard to know what will pan out.

  3. I got a game a few weeks ago called super smash bros subspace emissary and got stuck on the level the great maze and saw u had a playthruoth but I can't find part 37. Did u make it?

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    1. I think I stopped that one there...I plan to finish it.

  4. When are u going to have the time goals?

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    1. I have most done, but have had a really bad sore throat since early March and can't really record...That's why there hasn't been anything new.


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