Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Overview of Legendary Trigger Happy

That's right, welcome to the non-unboxing of Legendary Trigger Happy.

I had planned to wait it out to see if I could land another and then unbox one, but with so many questions, and the odds of finding another LTH so high, I figured I'd just do a comparison, spend a little extra time on the console stats, and  call it good:

It is the "collector" side of me that won't allow myself to open the one mint-condition LTH I have.  Mind you, if the store wouldn't have started the "one per customer" I would have 2 LTHs...one to keep boxed (and play via the portal for Upgrade Path A) and then one to have loose for convenience and of course the other upgrade path.

Legendary Trigger Happy is  a Toys'R'Us exclusive...and Activision is holding true to this one, just like the Legendary Triple Pack.

You can find LTH for $9.99 at your local TRU and sometimes you might get lucky and find him on TRU.com, but I wouldn't bank on it.

Your other option is to buy from  a scalper, I don't advise it, but if you feel like you've got to have him try to find the best deal possible.

As with L-Spyro, L-Chop Chop, and L-Bash, L-Trigger Happy will appear "blue and gold" in the game, just like you see him in the packaging.  He also comes with a padded stat of +12 Armor  (TH=30/60 vs LTH=42/72).

Trigger Happy is a great all around character and in my opinion very worthy of earning "Legendary" status, plus if you are a 3DS Owner, you now have a nice "in" to adding TH to your arsenal.

Let's check out the stats:

Trigger Happy vs Legendary Trigger Happy


Strength: 40 vs 40
Agility: 60 vs 70 (+10)
Defense: 20 vs 20
Luck: 100 vs 100

Console Initial-Maximum:

Health: 200-400 vs 200-400
Speed: 50-98 vs 50-98
Armor: 30-60 vs 42-72 (+12)
Critical Hit: 50-100 vs 50-100
Elemental Power: 25-100 vs 25-100

Once again, who knows what the cards are good for, but at least we've got the console stats.  The increase for Trigger Happy comes in his weakest area, Armor.  The +12 Boost will be very nice.

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