Friday, March 9, 2012

Blog Poll #16 Results: Which Version of Spyro is Your Favorite?

Well, the poll has closed and the results are in...I am debating if I shouldn't have let this one run a little longer, but I suppose it would have continued on a similar course.

Blog Poll #16 asked, "Which Version of Spyro is Your Favorite?" and allowed three options:

A). Regular Spyro (Purple with Bronze Wings)
B). Legendary Spyro (Royal Blue with Gold Wings)
C). Dark Spyro (Black with Silver Wings)

Here are the results:

1. Dark Spyro 36 Votes (42%)
2. Legendary Spyro 31 Votes (36%)
3. Regular Spyro 17 Votes (20%)

I have to say I did not expect this.  I did foresee it as a potential outcome, but deemed it unlikely.

I think I personally would have ranked them the same.  Dark Spyro just slightly above Legendary Spyro.  My logic goes by rarity and aesthetics.  While the blue and gold looks good, if there would have been a blue/silver I don't care if it was called Garden Variety Spyro I would have picked it #1.  I'm one to root for the under dog so I kind of pull for Dark Spyro.  You really don't hear much about him.  I know of very few people that play the 3DS version, so I figured Legendary Spyro would have pulled out the win.  Perhaps this is another case where a Skylander that people don't have just seems more appealing?

Nonetheless, I've got all 3 and would rank them as the poll did.

I do kind of feel for Spyro.  He was the franchise, the all star player, and in Skylanders he is just kind of an option.  Imagine a Mario game where Mario and Luigi are just playable characters along with 30 others...Nonetheless, these are all variations of him so I can't be too upset.

Dark Spyro for me looks awesome and is the most appealing.  I guess I'm not alone in that regard.

Thanks to everyone who sure to cast your vote in the upgrade path polls for Tech and Undead Element Skylanders!  Once Dragon's Peak has been out awhile (provided activision and TRU stock it all the time and don't pull more "limited stock to create higher demand tactics") I"ll get a sweet poll up on Your Favorite Adventure Pack will be tight  no doubt!

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