Thursday, March 1, 2012

Skylanders Update 3-1-2011: No Gold, No Glory

Well, tonight was a good night!  I made the rounds once more with my 3DS looking for Street Pass Tags and got....

Nothing!  Can't say I'm shocked, apparently there aren't a lot of super cool people roaming the streets with their 3DS just yet...

But, nonetheless it was still a great night.

First up was Target:

Nothing but the starter packs...again!  I asked an employee who had previously checked the back for me and their response was they haven't had anything come in for weeks.  Given the fact not long ago they actually went in the back to look for Empire of Ice I have no reason to doubt their testimony.

Up next, Toys'R'Us:

Can you see that?  Wrecking Ball, Hex, Chop Chop, Eruptor, Boomer, Legendary Trigger Happy, Zap.  A nice selection.


You better believe it!  I must have caught them just after an afternoon stock or something...Last week they didn't have any.  I was stoked, they had quite a few too.  I wanted one for a friend, but with the "one per customer" deal I had to take one and call it good.  As much as that is annoying, I have to say...if the policy wasn't enforced I would probably have seen a shelf with Wrecking Ball and Boomer.

I didn't expect LTH to show up here this soon...I knew of a few Canadians and 2-3 in the northeast that had him, but that was it.  Ebay, as of 2 days ago, was listing him for $200+.  I paid $9.99 and encourage you to do the same.

I was going to pick up another Pirate Seas (to have Terrafin to go with his other upgrade path), but they didn't have any.

My logic behind paying the extra $5...TRU has a not very well advertised sale that was going on where if you buy an Adventure Pack you get 2 Triple Packs...for FREE!  That is a heck of  a deal and well worth the $24.99.  Sadly, in addition to not having any Adventure Packs there were also no Triple Packs...go figure.

Nonetheless I can not complain.  Legendary Trigger Happy is now in my collection and ready to play!

I don't think I'll unbox him until I have been able to land another one or see that there will be a huge number on the market.  It is that collector side of me coming out again.  Plus, I can play him via the Portal from the confines of the mint-condition!

I did check GameStop, but they had like 3 Starter Packs.  I was about to head into the Walmart that gets hit with petty vandals stealing Prism Break and Drobot, but opted against it.  It was windy here, but also mid 70s.  I didn't want my groceries to thaw out, lol.

But hey, all in all a great night.  Legendary Trigger Happy doesn't look like the same bold paint that the Legendary 3 Pack had, but maybe it is the packaging.  Regardless I am happy and relieved that I was able to snag him locally and will sleep easy anxiously awaiting the next round of releases!

Oh, and you might enjoy this:



  1. Was I the canadian you were talking about?

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  2. I think my game has glicth because in boomers heroic challage the sheep won't follow me!!

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    1. Mine does that too, if you make it to the exit you should still get credited with completion.

  3. Not with me I get to the exit and nothing happens.

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    1. Weird...I'm not shocked though...Have you ever beaten it, or does that happen every time?

  4. Found that had Legendary Trigger Happy, so now that Skylander is on the way to my house.

    Speaking of glitches, have you ever got to where the Hidden Dragon Treasure is supposed to be but it never appears? I've had that problem at least on Lair of Kaos, and probably one or two others. Another time while playing Darklight Crypt, the treasure chest appeared and was stuck in the ground -- it could not be shaken. I have the PS3 version.

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    1. Cool, glad you got him, from what I hear he went FAST online!

      I haven't used the HDT much. I actually just tested it at the ruins.

      I can definitely believe it though, I guess those are fairly least compared to the Wii's Weapon Master Glitch :(

      Hope you enjoy LTH!!

  5. Does anyone know what the volcanic vault does and is it out yet.

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    1. As far as I know it was a special bonus with Xbox/ps3/pc starter packs at best buy. They didn't include it with any Nintendo stuff, so I didn't get it.

      All it does is "unlock" a battle arena. I don't battle much since you have to do 2P, blows my mind you can't go 1P vs CPU.

      It sits on the portal and has a hatch from what I can tell. Thing is, once you use it, it stays unlocked, so you don't even have to put it on when you want to use it etc. If a friend has it, just borrow it and you are golden.

  6. Do u know witch caracters will be in the skylanders giants? I know there will be 1 giant 1 new normal sized and 1 redsigned character but witch ones?!?!?

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    1. Nope, I know one giant per element, one new per element, and as for the redesigned idk. There are only like 3-5 known "new" characters for the new least that I am aware of.


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