Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blog Poll #17: What Would You Like to See Next?

Blog Poll #17 could get asks, "What Would You Like to See Next?" in reference to what game you would like to see me record next.

I will say right now, I may or may not do what is decided in the poll.  I had a few in mind, and then figured what the heck..I want to know what YOU would like to see.

Note that I do not list Skylanders 3DS...I think it would likely win in a land slide at this point...I am not ruling out recording fact, once this poll closes, I might take the top 3-4 and toss in Skylanders 3DS to see how it fairs.  The big issue is I will have to record it with a camera, there is no way for me to capture 3DS gameplay.  Not only is that awkward, but there could be moments where you see more of a glare than the gameplay etc.  But we will cross that bridge when we get there.

Here is a quick run down on the 10 nominees:

Kirby's Epic Yarn: I've done 2P up to maybe level it would basically be a blind is fun, has unique graphics, and I know several of you are fans of the series.

Mario Kart Wii: This is something I intended to already have done...some of my first posted videos were hand held cameras filming victory scenes on MKWii.  I just played it again this past weekend for the first time in months.

Mario Strikers Charged: Something different, and something a few might enjoy.  I've played 2P, WiFi, and solo matches...should be easy to get back i the groove.

Nerf N-Strike.  I ordered this in right before Skylanders came.  I've heard it is horrible, but I got it for $15 or so...This would be totally blind and from what I hear the game goes pretty quick.

Paper Mario: A friend downloaded this and had me help on a is a classic and will never get old.  It would be 99% Blind.

Skyward Sword: I got it on release day and have yet to really play it.  A friend and I went thru the opening scene and got to where we are looking for the missing Loftwing...which is probably about 0.25% complete...consider it a BLIND playthrough.  I think this game will be a lot of fun, bu some hard core Zelda fans might not like the blind approach.

Super Mario All Stars (Wii): Pure Nostalgia.  I know this would prob get the fewest hits/views, but man I'd enjoy it.  This is what  I grew up with...and now it has remastered graphics and you can SAVE your progress.  You have no clue what life was like as a gamer back in the to World 8?  Screw it up and you are done my friend.  Bed time?  Leave the console on overnight and you'll wake up to a buzz at 3 AM from your frozen console.  Oh the memories...the agonizing memories...

Super Mario World: Possibly my favorite game and most certainly one of legendary status.  I haven't played it in about 2 years, but I once knew the terrain like the back of my hand.  I was the 7 year old that everyone had come over to "find the other exit" etc.  I could literally play this game 20 years from now and it would be like the early 90s...good times!

Wii Sports Resort: Island Flyover: I love this segment of the game. I would basically come in on a new save file and go for all the stamps.  This game is one of the reasons I wanted to start recording/uploading.

Wii Sports Resort: Swordplay: I would start this with the Swordplay Showdown...quite frankly because it is awesome.  Where else can you slice and dice your way thru thousands of Miis?  I am not sure if I'd record the other modes, but does it matter?  Showdown is where it is at!

Well that about wraps it up...a little snip-it on each of the nominees if it helps you decide.  I'm a big fan of walkthrus, but in all honesty, I also like recording "blind" playthroughs.  There is something about a new game and experiencing it all first hand as you see it unfold.  You might look like an idiot once a few people have played or get nasty comments from time to time saying "#*&@$ noob!" but who cares?  Everyone was new to it at some point in time.  In fact, if I am doing a blind playthrough, or really want to enjoy a game, I do not watch any gameplay footage (unless it is needed).

I do preview gameplay before making a purchase on some stuff, but I enjoy the "new" aspect as it can only be had once.

Well, go ahead and cast your votes...this poll will close Mach 6th, 2012 at 11:59 PM CST.  Remember, I may not play the winner...I could play last place, something totally different, or go right down the list...It just all depends how it pans out.

Thanks for voting and let me know what you want to see the most!

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