Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Skylanders Collection: Wave 3 Complete 2/14/2012

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone,

This was a very popular request basically since Empire of Ice came out...I said I didn't want to make another collection video until I had Wave 3 wrapped up, and since that happened and I continued to get regular requests, I figured I would give folks what they wanted.

I want to stress right now that the video will have all the release dates (that are best known to be accurate...things can change).  I personally think it is easier to see that type of stuff in print, so I prefer the blog.  I am linking this post FIRST THING in the video description.  I hope that folks will actually watch or read and find the info they want.  Here is the video:

And now for the text:

37 Unique Skylanders

There are 32 Skylanders.  If you include Dark Spyro (3DS Exclusive) and the Legendary Skylanders (Spyro, Bash, Chop Chop, and Trigger Happy) you have a grand total of 37.  I do not include SILVER or GOLD in the count because if you were to place one on the portal, they come up with a regular skin...that is the game does not recognize or make them appear as they look in the package.  The Legendary Skylanders actually do come up distinctly blue and gold for game play.

3 Silver Skylanders


3 Gold Skylanders

-Chop Chop
-Drill Sergeant

Blue Skylander(s)


Unreleased Skylanders by Release Date


-Sunburn (Dragon's Peak Adventure Pack)
-Lightning Rod (Single and Triple Pack G)
-Ignitor (Single Pack Easter and Triple Pack H in June)(And yes, he is available via 3DS Starter Pack)
-Zook (Single Pack and Triple Pack G)

--Triple Pack G=Cynder, Lightning Rod, and Zook


-Camo (Single Pack and Triple Pack H)
-Warnado (Single Pack and Triple Pack H)

--Triple Pack H=Ignitor, Warnado, Camo

Later Summer-September

-Wham-Shell (Single Pack)


  1. When is legendary trigger happy date

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    1. I thought Easter, but there are actually people on the east coast (US) that already have Legendary Trigger Happy...so I guess now is the answer, lol.

  2. Many thanks for the wrap-up :)

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    1. No prob...the "final" collection vid will be the most comprehensive...it is just a long ways off thanks to their release schedule.


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