Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blog Poll #11 Results: Who is Your Favorite Fire Element Skylander?

Blog Poll #11, "Who is Your Favorite Fire Element Skylander?" has wrapped up...many thanks to all who voted.  Interestingly, we had 5 fewer votes here than the "Life Element" poll which ran simultaneously.  It was particularly peculiar since we have 3 of the 4 Fire Element Skylanders available.  Nonetheless, let's take a look at the results:

1. Sunburn 50 Votes (36%)
2. Flameslinger 42 Votes (30%)
3. Ignitor 29 Votes (21%)
4. Eruptor 15 Votes (11%)

So, once again an Adventure Pack Character and one that is UNRELEASED tops our list.  Sunburn does seem pretty cool based on the "dark, evil Phoenix" that Kaos unleashed in the battle for the Eternal Fire Source.  That said, I was surprised he was able to come in first place.

Second Place honors went to Flameslinger who was down only 8 votes (wonder who those 5 that voted for Life, but not Fire would have gone for?).  Flameslinger is an all around solid character and I still hear of people trying to track him down.  He is a bit quicker than Eruptor, which as I've said seems to play a role in the voting.

Third Place was claimed by Ignitor.  He is an a unique position because despite being "out" since Day 1, not many have played with him on a console version since he is only available in the 3DS Starter pack (as of now).  I think once Sunburn is out and Ignitor is released things may change.

Eruptor came in last place with only 15 votes.  I can't say I am shocked because he is by far the slowest of the Fire Element characters.  His attacks, out of the box, also have a shorter range it seems than the others.

If I were to go by aesthetics I'd have to rank Ignitor and Eruptor at the top.

In my personal favorites based on gameplay I would say Ignitor overall and for close combat, Flameslinger for distance attacks, and Eruptor when he is needed.  I am excited to play Sunburn, but will hold off judgment until the Dragon's Peak Adventure Pack is out.

Thanks again to all who voted...stay tuned for more polls!

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