Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blog Poll #13 Results: Who is Your Favorite "Silver" Skylander?

Interestingly, we had 1 fewer vote on the Silver poll than the Gold poll...I guess all that glitters is likely gold.  Nonetheless, this was a pretty intense competition and had what I would say is a surprising result:

1. Eruptor 46 Votes (43%)
2. Dino-Rang 36 Votes (34%)
3. Boomer 26 Votes (21%)

I honestly thought this would have gone to Dino-Rang (maybe it is because I happen to have a silver Dino-Rang (only silver btw)), or just a gut feeling, but Eruptor won by a credible 10 votes.

Eruptor is a great characer, but was absolutely slaughtered in the Fire Element Poll (15 of 136 Votes to be exact)...that type of a performance translated in my mind to probably edging out Boomer.  For whatever reason, folks seem to be enamored with Silver Eruptor as he gained over 3x the number of votes!

Dino-Rang did finish last place in the Earth Element Poll, but he did so with 27 votes, 1 behind Bash and just 9 behind 2nd Place Prism Break.  I've heard a lot of people complain about Dino-Rang, but I think he is a great Skylander and have no issue with his Boomerangs.  I also think he is very well presented in both aesthetics and initial appeal.

Boomer brought up the rear, and that was just as I expected.  I wouldn't say he is the most hated Skylander, but he seems to be the least liked and that has been obvious with his odd presence as the only Skylander at most stores for weeks, lol.  I'm not sure he will ever shake that perception in all honesty.  That said, it is very much an undeserved reputation...he upgrades well and offers a nice balance of defense and projectile attacks...Perhaps people are coming around to him after all this time.

Thanks to everyone who voted...the closing of this poll will open up another!

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