Saturday, February 25, 2012

BOOM! ACES! CAKE! Skylands is Saved!

Yep, you read right.

I was torn between taking a few Skylanders up to Level 26 on Heroics (huge benefit in gameplay) and then upgrading them OR playing Kaos right now.

I got Terrafin up to Level 26 on the Heroics, and while working on my next pick, Ghost Roaster, realized he was too far upgraded to have an easy time passing the Heroics...Drobot's Challenge "Save the Purple Chompies" is a night mare...I got to where I could do it with tons of time left, but Ghost Roaster's Pain Chain would take out the green ones, but their ghosts would then take out the purple chompies...the only way around it is to reset him (which I don't really want to do).

I then did a few more with Slam Bam, and then some slower characters like Eruptor and Stump Smash...I had trouble with Eruptor on Drobot and Double Trouble's HCs and then Stump Smash had a heck of at time (although I got close 3 down to 1 troll left close) with not breaking the vases etc.

That prompted me to call it good, prevent mutiny amongst the Skylander subscribers, and just take on Kaos.

It actually went very well...I"ll have to replay his Lair to pick up the Treasure Chests (it is structured that way), but aside from that it was crystal smooth.  I'm actually going to enter it and the battle with new characters and ones I haven't used much (Double Trouble, Cynder, Wrecking Ball etc) and they should all leave well on their way to Level 10...the XP in Chapter 22 is at times insane.

The battle wasn't really too hard...I wish there would have been more minions (dark versions of Ignitor, Voodood, Terrafin, etc...I'm not sure what the logic was in selecting which characters Kaos has dark versions of, but I digress).

Kaos is defeated, Eon deemed being warped to Africa as a fitting punishment, and we are now ready to work towards the Level 26 on Heroics goal without any undue pressure etc.

I'll likely spend time the next few weeks taking some of my favorite characters through the Heroic Challenges and then earning cash to upgrade with...

I might record one of them (likely a Legendary) going from "stock" to Level 26 on the Heroics...I wish I would have recorded Terrafin doing it because he totally dominated them...I rarely had to attempt a HC twice as he progressed.

But yeah, I have Part 76 edited and 77 is currently being processed by my software...It is 4:36 AM and I'm not going to load them on to YouTube tonight/this morning...I'll get some sleep, hopefully a lot of it, and then upload them tomorrow afternoon..

I will do my best to get Dragon's Peak, unbox it, and record the gameplay...that will give me incentive to tackle the time goals after all as the Accolades will finally be available to complete.

Should I come across any of the coming releases, I'll pick them up, unbox, and then record their Heroic Challenges etc, just like my standard format has been all along.

So with that said, Kaos is defeated, but my playthrough and uploads are far from over!

I will look into a new playthrough, and I have honestly tossed around Skyward Sword, but I feel like the diehard Zelda fans would kill me for doing a blind playthrough on it...Who knows, I might go retro NES, pull out some racing action on PS2, or do something off the wall...we'll wait and see.

I have also debated trying to record 3DS footage of Skylanders, but it would be insanely difficult and tedious to complete...

Again, right now the goal is to just wrap up Skylanders and go from there...It is a great game and I have had a lot of fun playing thru it and helping others out and getting insights from other fans of the game.  I wish Dragon's Peak was already out, lol.  I'm looking forward to that, the new characters, and of course Giants...which I will record the same way as Spyro's Adventure.

Well, hopefully that wasn't too is really late and I am very tired.



  1. Well I recorded all of 74 in one go...then split it into 2 videos.

    When recording lats night I started with Part 75, forgetting I had done Part 75 (aka 74-2) try and avoid 10-20 people making comments on YouTube about "You already made a Part 75, idiot" I decided to just re-title Part 75 as Part 74-2 and then continue the upload of 75-78 that were recorded last night.
    I think it will work fine because Part 74-2 I never made mention of Part 75 that I recall.

    Either way, I'd rather it be the "-2" than change up the stuff I recorded last night, lol. On the playlist it will all go in order.

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