Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Skylanders Giants Coming Fall 2012

Mayan Apocalypse got you down?  Well fear not, for Fall 2012 will feature Skylanders Giants!  So even if we are set on a course for imminent destruction, you will have something to unload the last bit of cash you won't be needing anymore!

Skylanders Giants aims to pick up with similar game play to Spyro's Adventure.  They promise more challenges and more expansive worlds.  There will be 8 Giants (one per element) and there should be one new, regular sized, Skylander per element.  So in theory, diehards from this title will only need 16 figures to complete the collection, although I'm sure it won't be that simple and we will likely see special releases and limited editions (pay attention to the Toys'R'Us partnership in the press release link).

I wasn't online until after work and got news of this straight from the twitter feed thanks to kris1118, dankwoah, and daphtaru...many thanks for the heads up.

You can view the official game trailer here:

TreeRex makes things look promising!  If you skim the new you can find a few screen shots of a couple more of the "new" Skylanders, which is funny since we still don't have Lightning Rod, Warnado, Camo, Zook, or Sunburn from Spyro's Adventure, lol.  Nonetheless, I am personally excited about it and I'm sure everyone else is.  One thing that bothers me is how the game is continually targeted (not just marketed) at kids.  This is a GREAT do not have to shy away from the "elder" teens, 20 somethings, or beyond.  Market it to the kids, but acknowledge your full audience every once in awhile!

With the game already in the works, I doubt there will be major changes...likely just new elements via the Giants and what not.  I wouldn't bank on seeing online battle modes or anything like that.  The best news of the sequel is that all of our Skylanders we know and love from Spyro's Adventure will be forward compatible,a trend I hope they continue as this series will likely continue to grow.

If Activision reads this I would love to at least get a means to control the camera...that isn't asking much!  Also, more enemies in the levels would be a nice touch, and if you release an EXCLUSIVE Skylander...DO NOT RESCIND ON THAT LABELING!!  Another personal thought is that it might be cool to have a "mini-boss" wearing a hat.  That way instead of opening a present, you can bash a bad  guy, get some experience points, and take their hat.  Not sure anyone else thinks this would be a good idea, but I do and I figure what the heck, lol.

Dankwoah on Twitter shot me this link: has this information from an Activision Press Release and Acquire Media.  It provides a pretty good synopsis of what to expect.

You can catch a few screen shots here:

I posted that one for a reason...note Flynn standing in the screen grab...BOOM!  ACES!  I am glad he is coming back and I hope they will keep the same voice actors.

Here is a link to some gameplay footage shot at the announcement:

You can scan the net and find a lot more...including a couple shots of another giant and another Skylander.  I'll let you do that on your own.

And just to update on my end, I have Slam Bam's Heroic Challenge (Part 69) and Empire of Ice (Parts 70-71) live on YouTube.  I should also be getting Cynder and Double Trouble in today (Wednesday) or tomorrow.  Look for their unboxings and the 3DS unboxing soon!

Keep your fingers crossed this game is even better than Spyro's Adventure and won't feature the weapon master (couldn't help myself).  It looks promising and I plan to pick it up as soon as it comes out!


  1. Thanks a lot for this! :))

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  2. Says here: that there are 20 new figures: 8 giants, 8 new ordinary and (must be) 4 new ones, which light up near the Portal of Power.

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    1. No problem...I'm anxious to see how they handle "releasing" these and wonder if they'll drag it out over a full calendar year again, lol. Some of the new Skylanders look pretty awesome.


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