Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blog Poll #10: Who is Your Favorite Life Element Skylander?

Well, this is another poll you almost hate to post based on the fact that activision has decided to try and keep the hype up on this game until June...We won't be seeing Camo or Zook until way later in the year, but we will proceed on anyway.  My best advice remains to check out the Soul Gem previews to help make your decision...it is hard without playing the Skylander and knowing what upgrade paths are etc, but it is the best we can do.  Here are your choices:

-Stealth Elf
-Stump Smash

I know there are a lot of Stealth Elf followers and Stump Smash is one of the cooler designed characters.  The Poll will run 10 days so spread the word and cast your vote now!

I will likely run these same polls later in the summer when all 4 are released.

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