Thursday, February 2, 2012

Weekly Skylanders Update: Ground Hog Day Edition

Well not much too exciting our out of the norm from tonight's trip to town...

Toys'R'Us had NOTHING and the guy I spoke to said they still haven't gotten a shipment in...I still hold firm to my belief that their next batch (which I thought would be this week) will have a slew of Wave 3 Characters.

Target had employee confirmed stock is gone right after opening.

The Walmart with the best stock had Prism Break and Drobot...including a few stashed and some open packages where someone had obviously just stolen the figure...

GameStop had the SonicBoom triple pack (I was shocked...guess the pirates aren't getting good return on it or something?).

Oh, and a fellow Portal Master and manager at a GameStop told me Best Buy had Dragon's Peak.

WHAT?  Yeah...that was my thoughts.  This wasn't supposed to come out and certainly not without fan fare. I seriously doubt we were the first to get the shipment (like I said, we tend to lag 7-10 days behind everyone else).  One of his contacts texted him this morning...and he swooped in to get a set (see people working toghether, but neither him, his friend who reported the finding, or the others he sent bought more than 2).

They story goes they had 2 boxes...

When I got there they had Drobot.  And believe me I asked...I can't remember if I bothered to say how much I dislike Best Buy, but if not let me do so now, "I really dislike Best Buy."  Granted, I'd phrase it differently, but I try to keep things PG for the most part.  The person I asked tonight was pretty nice and willing to help...sadly he was the only one who seemed to think "going and looking" was a good idea for the night...the employee over him and the manager preferred to sing along to the overhead music and make sure they earned  their checks.

But yeah, you heard it hear...Dragon's Peak at best buy!  I hope it hits better retailers soon or comes up online as I have not been able to complete with the unemployed, early AM pirates of Skylands.

I skim the forums all the time and have not heard anyone else mention the AP being out...this guy is credible and has no reason to lie...he also said he had never gotten it in and they have still only had 1 Cynder to his knowledge.

So yeah, another mundane update...with a wicked little twist.

You better believe I'll keep this in mind as I try to land Double Trouble and Cynder...


  1. I don't know if you are interested? But here in Denmark (Europe, you know..?) they currently have some 2nd wave figures in the stores: Eruptor, Dino, Hex, Wrecking Ball, Zap and Boomer. Especially Zap and Boomer seem to be the only figures people have to some degree. I've also spotted a few packs of the 3xPack with Hex, Dino and (can't remember the 3rd one). You really have to be quick, if you want any, as the shelves are emptying very, very fast indeed!

    The 3rd wave unfortunately isn't coming until the end of this month - that's the status right now.

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    1. At least ya'll finally got more hitting the is hit and miss here, although the Legendary Triple Pack reappeared and with a 1 per customer limit, lol.


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