Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Finally....Cynder and Double Trouble Single Packs

Well, good things come to those who wait...

I was finally able to score Cynder and Double Trouble, both in Single Pack form, today on GameStop.com.

I know I could have saved a buck or two at Target or Walmart, but the fact of the matter is with both of these being Wave 3 the scalpers will keep raiding stores every morning while normal people are at work, at school, or sleeping to head to a PM shift.

I have spent so much time and gas money putting around town once or twice a week it is ridiculous.  I do that because a lot of times employees will just say, "We are sold out" and then you can walk in and find a full shelf of Drobot, Prism Break, and Flameslinger.  It is kind of sad really.

GameStop upped single packs to $9.99 a while back (and I was told it is just to match Toys'R'Us), but despite paying the extra $1-2 the fact I don't have to worry about it, track it down, or spend more fuel trying to make it happen some random night is well worth the time and money.

There is no real rule of thumb to catching stock on GameStop.com.  If you recall, Empire of Ice had been "unavailable" all day and then at 3 AM it was magically "in stock."  I clicked "buy" and it headed my way...within 10 minutes it was "unavailable" again.

Today it was my lunch break when Cynder was available, something I'd only seen once 2 weeks ago.  I figured I should just cash in and pay freight (which is cheaper than gas, lol).  I also got Double Trouble in single pack form because I'm still irate that they deceptively labelled Drill Sergeant and Whirlwind "exclusives."  (The Heroic Challenge I did was recorded "thru the pack" lol...I"ll just keep that one boxed for "evidence").

Cynder was available about till 1:20 my time...I ordered around 12:30 or so...Double Trouble stayed up until my afternoon break, which was 3:30ish.  I checked all last week and never saw either available in Single Pack form.

I still think Toys'R'Us should be releasing Wave 3 soon...my local store has not had ANYTHING Wave 3.  I know some of you on the east coast have told me you found Empire of Ice at your local TRU...not the case here.  I will keep checking stock at a few places just to update everyone, and I do want another Empire of Ice for a friend's birthday...I was bummed I couldn't just order it online today with Cynder and Double Trouble, but you guessed it...it wasn't available!

Anyway, the good news is I ordered them and they have already shipped since it happened early.  I *think I will wind up with them Wednesday or Thursday.  I will try and get the unboxings and Heroic Challenges up ASAP (well Cynder's HC anyway...already did DT's!).

Oh, and I have not forgotten the 3DS unboxing...I'll work on that this week.

As of right now I am going go introduce Slam Bam, play the Heroic Challenge, and maybe take on Empire of Ice!!!

I will try to get to comments later this week...I didn't get notice on the blog ones, which I try to hit before YouTube, so I might shoot for those tomorrow.

See you on the ice!


  1. Did you seen the video right???
    THE VIDEO???
    The reveal trailer of Skylanders Giants is awesome!!!!
    And already 4 skylanders annoucend:

    Cynder ( redesign )
    Tree Rex ( giant )
    Alchemist ( normal - magic )
    Sgt. Byird ( normal - air )

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  2. Haha, you must have posted this right as I was finishing the blog...yep, it is looking like a good thing...Thanks for posting all the names, I skimmed them on DarkSpyro, but didn't copy/paste over. Sgt. Byrd looks awesome...then again, so does Alchemist, lol.

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