Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blog Poll #12 Results: Who is Your Favorite Legendary Skylander?

Blog Poll #12, "Who is Your Favorite Legendary Skylander?" had a very impressive 114 votes, garnering a bit more attention than the respective "Gold" and "Silver" polls.  The results were not quite like I had foreseen, let's take a look:

1. Legendary Trigger Happy 46 Votes (40%)
2. Legendary Chop Chop 32 Votes (28%)
3. Legendary Spyro 26 Votes (22%)
4. Legendary Bash 10 Votes (8%)

Once again, a character who is unreleased/released in very few locations took first place with a pretty decisive margin (14 votes).  I only know of a 2 readers who have LTH at the moment.  Apparently a few Canadian stores have released him, as did a few in the northeastern US.  I did read today that a few people who ordered him on ebay (presumably from an insider who promised to ship upon obtaining) have come up with him.  I figured he would make things close, but not run away with it like this.

Chop Chop fans showed up in force bringing him to what I will call an upset victory over Spyro.  I honestly figured Spyro would be first or second.  Chop Chop came in 6 votes ahead of the title's namesake...not bad! Chop Chop is clearly one of the favorite characters amongst readers...who can forget his dominating performance in the Undead Element Poll?!

Spyro was a surprise 3rd Place finisher.  I saw him as #1 or #2, depending on if folks went Chop Chop or Trigger Happy.  I have ot wonder if part of the lower than expected finish has to do with his stand alone Dark version?  Nonetheless, numbers don't like.

Bash, the lovable rock and roller, got off to a rocky start and never recovered.  He garnered only 10 votes, but that is somewhat expected given he finished 3rd in the Earth Element Poll.  He is a great character, but clearly outclassed by his peers in this grouping.

Thanks again to everyone who voted.  I sure hope we can all manage to track down Legendary Trigger Happy!  Remember, these are all Toys'R'US Exclusives (which Activision abides by), so you have to get them there or will likely pay a premium on the black market.  Most TRU stores have started a "1 per customer" rule, so hopefully that will prevent a few, foul spirits from clearing the shelf of this soon to be sought after character.

Legendaries, unlike Gold and Silver Skylanders, actually appear "blue and gold" in the game AND have slightly bumped up stats.

I have yet to see or hear of him locally.  Most believed he would be released with great fan fare around the time of Dragon's Peak (Easter)...clearly, a few select locations either can't read directions, or there is a very funky shipping patter, or the rest of us all live in an area where the local TRU Manager will likely be rolling to wok in a fancy new car in the not to distant future.

Thanks to everyone who voted...this will open up the next poll, "What is Your Favorite Version of Spyro?"

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