Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blog Poll #11: Who is Your Favorite Fire Element Skylander?

Blog Poll #11 should be hot, lol..."Who is Your Favorite Fire Element Skylander?"

This one is a bit short due to Sunburn not coming out and Ignitor being limited to 3DS Starter Packs at this time. That said, make use of the Soul Gem for Ignitor and try to research Sunburn a bit to make up your mind.  With Sunburn being so unique, I figure many that vote would have gone that way regardless.  Nonetheless, here your choices:


Eruptor and Flameslinger are of the old guard and most of you have them (although I do get a few folks saying they can never land Flameslinger).  I just got Ignitor a few days ago for my birthday and I have to say, I think you will enjoy him if you have not played yet.  Sunburn is likely to have a following from the dragon crowd and despite not having access to the Soul Gem (Dragon's Peak), we do get a taste of the moves in the mine levels where we battle for the Eternal Fire Source.

But as of now, the polls are open!  They will stay that way or 10 days so vote now and tell your friends to do he same for their favorite Fire Element Skylander!

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