Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blog Poll #9 Results: Who is Your Favorite Air Element Skylander?

Well, Poll #9 "Who is Your Favorite Air Element Skylander?" has officially closed.  We had 107 which should make for a nice sampling...thanks to all who voted!

It is interesting to note, as pointed out in the recap of Blog Poll #8, that there were 7 fewer votes here than for the "Water Element" Poll.  I think this is solely due to the fact we only have 2 Air Element Skyanders.  I hate running polls with results that could be skewed, but I'll likely go back later when we have access to all 32, cough 37, Skylanders.  Just take solstice in the fact that I am an individual and enthusiast...it doesn't tick me off as much to see someone like myself run a poll as it does to see the official Skylanders facebook or Twitter set up grudge matches between characters that aren't out yet, lol.  Like I've said, my best advice for the polls is to go with the Soul Gem previews.

All that aside, let's get down to business:

1. Sonic Boom 42 Votes (39%)
2. Warnado 27 Votes (25%)
3. Lightning Rod 23 Votes (21%)
4. Whirlwind 15 Votes (14%)

Okay, so the top honors go to Sonic Boom.  Is anyone surprised? I have to say, Sonic Boom has a been great for me.  Her roar attack is great as it somehow gets "pedestal enemies" making life much easier (provided you are going for the enemy goals etc).  The damage she does just getting the primary attack maxed out BEFORE even choosing an ugprade path is amazing.  And, not to take anything away, but she is by far the most readily available of the 4 Air Element Skylanders.

Warnado came in second place with a very solid 1/4 of the vote...and he isn't even out yet!  I have to say that I, like many of you must agree, think Warnado looks like an awesome character...plus I have a soft spot for turtles turned heroes, lol.  He looks cool and the fact you've got the "underdog" turtle if you will combined with wicked weather elements makes for a very sweet combination.  Once I play Warnado, he could easily bump Sonic Boom on my personal list.

Lightning Rod, who just looks awesome, came in third place with a pretty respectable 23 votes, just 4 behind his fellow late release companion, Warnado.  The only real feedback comment wise I remember on Lightning Rod was someone griping about his look etc.  I've been saying this since before Wave 3 came out, but the "remaining" Skylanders I was most excited about were: Slam Bam, Warnado, Lightning Rod, and Camo in that order.  The votes could easily shift between Sonic Boom, Warnado, and Lightning Rod once folks have them and they are fully upgraded.

Whirlwind brought up the rear...which kind of surprised me.  Granted, in my personal ranks I would have her here too, but the feedback on YouTube and in emails has been overwhelmingly pro-Whirlwind.  I was sort of surprised to see her get beat out by BOTH unreleased Air Element Skylanders.  She isn't a horrible character, but in my opinion doesn't compete with Sonic Boom and I'm 95% sure I will like playing Warnado and Lightning Rod better, which must be a sentiment I share with voters.  I have heard that fully upgraded she has a "great" secondary path, but this stuff is all really subjective, as indicated by the votes.
The only other thing I can say in her defense is that she WAS an EXCLUSIVE.  I had a heck of a time finding Drill Sergeant, like a few of you, but it seemed far more people had trouble with tracking down Whirlwind...I even know several people who payed north of $50 just to get her.  And then of course, activision rescinded the exclusive label, and threw her AND Drill Sergeant in a Triple Pack with Wave 3's Double Trouble (and yes, I am still livid about this...scroll down on the blog for a post dedicated to this cowardly act by activision!).

But hey, all that aside, you made the calls and cast your votes...Sonic Boom was the clear winner this round (I may run these same polls late in the summer now that I think about it...just to compare).  Thanks to everyone who votes and with this post I will open up Blog Poll #11: "Who is Your Favorite Fire Element Skylander?"

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