Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blog Poll #14 Results: Who is Your Favorite Gold Skylander?

Blog Poll #14, "Who is Your Favorite Gold Skylander?" wrapped up with 106 votes, 1 more than the Silver Poll.  This one was very close, with a mere 12 votes separating 1st and 3rd Place!  Let's take a look:

1. Chop Chop 41 Votes (38%)
2. Flameslinger 36 Votes (33%)
3. Drill Sergeant 29 Votes (27%)

Man, what a race!  Chop Chop once again came out on top (Favorite Undead Element and Favorite Legendary)!!  He must have used an upgraded shield to fend of Flameslinger.  His 41votes in this close poll nearly matched the top vote total from the much more wide open Silver poll.  Whatever it is, Chop Chop is a strong contender in seemingly any poll.  I think the fact he crosses an element of a knight, with a skeleton, and just so happens to have great upgrades along with stellar defense (rare) helps propel him to the top.

Flameslinger must have had that last arrow meet Chop Chop's sheild as he finished 5 votes back.  Flameslinger is a great character, nearly beat Sunburn in the Fire Element Poll, and blasted Eruptor, our Silver Winner, out of the water in that same poll.  I think part of that is due to there only being 3 Fire Element Skylanders out.  There are still a lot of people without Ignitor, and the speed of Flameslinger gives him an edge over Eruptor.

Drill Sergeant was at the back of the pack, again where I expected him.  I do want to point out he was close. He was only 12 back of Chop Chop and 7 behind Flameslinger.  Those are solid numbers for a character who hasn't gotten a lot of love.  His early status as a Walmart/Sam's Club Exclusive, made him sought after and very hard to find.  With activision rescinding on that mark and releasing single packs he has been easier to come by...the Triple Pack really seems to be what folks go it packages DS, Whirlwind (counterpart of DS via Target exclusive), and of course the new Wave 3 Double  Trouble.  He is a solid character, but I would bet most Portal Masters have not put him thru the paces like Chop Chop and Flameslinger.

All in all, this Gold Medal was earned by Chop Chop!  Thanks to everyone who voted!

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