Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blog Poll #15: Magic Element Upgrade Paths

Hey Everyone,

Last week I opened up a special request poll for Daphney on Twitter regarding Double Trouble's Upgrade Path...she is actually going to select the winning path when the poll closes (2 days).  Since that was on the board, I figured it was only right to start in on "what upgrade path your prefer..." for the rest of the Magic Element Skylanders.

So there you go...those 3 polls (Spyro, Voodood, and Wrecking Ball) will basically constitute the make up of this poll...I will include Double Trouble's results here as well.

This series of polls will be open 5 days so act quick to cast your pick!  Once closed, I'll go down the line by Element based on the order you selected in an earlier poll.

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