Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blog Poll #17 Results: What Would You Like to See Next?

Blog Poll #17 was simple enough, it asked, "What Would You Like to See Next?" and of course pertains to what I will record next.

In an effort to "tidy-up" the blog, I am going to be deleting most "minor" polls from the sidebar...I'll keep up some of the bigger, more interesting ones (ie Fav Skylander, Fav Legendary etc), but stuff like the Upgrade Paths will go, but they will have the Poll Results copied to the results post.

For example, let's take a look at the results for Blog Poll #17:

Granted sometimes a long title, or large vote count will skew things, but oh well.

Let's start from the top down.  I gave you 10 Titles to choose from and we had over 100 votes, which means we should get a very nice sampling.

  1. Mario Kart Wii 40 Votes, 36%
  2. The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword (Blind) 17 Votes, 15%
  3. Paper Mario (Blind) 12 Votes, 11%
  4. Mario Strikers Charged 11 Votes, 10%
  5. Kirby's Epic Yarn 8 Votes, 7%
  6. Nerf-N-Strike 7 Votes, 6%
  7. Super Mario World 6 Votes, 5%
  8. Wii Sports Resort Swordplay 5 Votes, 4%
  9. Super Mario All Stars 2 Votes, 1%
  10. Wii Sports Resort Island Flyover 1 Vote, 0%
Ok...now bare in mind I did not put Skylanders 3DS up for an option...mainly because I figured it would have been a landslide.  I say this many times, and I say it because it is true...there is no "good way" to record 3DS Gameplay. You literally have to use a camera pointed at the screen.  One slight move on my part and I've got 20 comments where people gripe about the movement and not being able to see etc. 

I know that may seem exaggerated, but people tend to focus on the bad instead of the good.  I would love to record Skylanders 3DS, but it is a pain.  Do you know that I basically have to watch the game thru the camera?  Then you have to almost only film the top screen or you'll have your hands/thumbs totally messing with the presentation.  It just seems like a can of worms I don't want to deal with yet.  If I could just plug it in and capture game play, I would be all over it.

That said, I figured Mario Kart Wii would do well, but to win in such a landslide?  Good grief.  I had some great tiles up and for MKWii to dominate like that really says something about the staying power.  The good news is, I love the game...the bad news is, I haven't played it in about a year coming up May/June.  I am 100% accustomed to MK7 on the 3DS at this point.

That aside, when I bought my capture card etc, what I was wanting to record was Island Flyover and Mario Kart Wii.  Some of my first vids were my camera pointed at my tv filming victory scenes from the game...not the greatest quality, but it is what I wanted to do.

Before rambling on too much longer, I guess with a vote like that it is pretty clear cut...I will do a playthrough of Mario Kart Wii next.  It won't be blind like Skylanders and I am not going to highlight every shortcut in the game, or unlock everything.  I'll start in 50cc and work my way up thru 150cc on a new save file...it will likely end with Mirror Mode.

I kind of wanted to take on either Paper Mario or Skyward Sword, both would be blind.  I'll see how things are after wrapping up MKWii and make a decision at that point.  I know Skyward Sword would be long, but it is killing me not playing it.  How can  NintendoFanGirl take me serious when I got Skyward Sword on Day 1 (regular and collector's edition) and haven't played it?  I do know that a lot of Zelda fans do not take kindly to "blind" playthroughs.   I hate to say it, but I don't care.  I'm not going to play the game, then come right back and record it as a blow thru it for you...there is not much fun there for me.  I am fine aimlessly wandering around for an item....it is what makes games fun to me....that is why I did Skylanders blind.  In some cases, I do full blown Walkthrus, but that is because I have played the game time after time and know it inside and out AND the game is good enough for me to record etc.

I had a friend wanting me to do Paper Mario, and I've got the Wii Points Card just waiting to go.  It will be coming along soon.

In all honesty, I would eventually like to record all of these.  I will start it up with Mario Kart Wii though, mainly because I appreciate you taking time out of your day to visit the blog and vote, plus it looks like it is a consensus people pleaser. 

As for the rest, they'll fall into place somehow.  It was interesting to note that one you get past say, N64 the interest really backed-off.  I still stand by my statement that Super Mario World is one of the greatest games ever and strongly suggest you check it out if it came before your time etc.

After Mario Kart Wii I may throw the poll back up, or I might just go straight into Mario Strikers Charged.  I like the element of surprise and now that I've got a guideline on what some of you would like to see I can make better decisions.

Well, I'm beat and need to get a few more posts up...see ya on the track!

As for the immediate future, I won't be recording anything any time soon...my throat is killing me and if I don't have to talk I avoid it.  This has been going on a few weeks now, so hopefully I can shake it soon and finish up the Skylanders Time Goals.

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