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Skylanders Wave 4 Cometh: Dragon's Peak, Sunburn, Lightning Rod, and Zook

I had mentioned this on Twitter a few days ago and am finally getting to make a post.

Wave 4 should be surfacing soon?  Who knows.  Activision doesn't seem to be a fan of providing concrete, or even estimated delivery dates.  All early indications suggested Easter as the likely time frame, I would assume we should still go with that, but keep your eyes open, we might be surprised.  When pre-orders for "Blue" Bash opened up today, the estimated delivery date was April 2nd, 2012...I'm shocked it wasn't April 1st (drum kick please!).

Wave 4 will consist of the Dragon's Peak Adventure Pack, Zook, Lightning Rod, and "blue" Bash.

-Dragon's Peak Adventure Pack (Chapter 26 of 26)
--This Adventure Pack will include: Dragon's Peak Location Piece, Sunburn (Fire Element), and two magic items, Sparx Dragonfly and Winged Boots

-Zook (Life Element) and 3:4 (still lack the more anticipated Camo)

-Lightning Rod (Air Element) and 3:4 (still lack Warando, the Skylander I am looking forward to the most).

-"Blue" Bash (Special, Earth Element).  This was actually a contest that Skylanders ran allowing Facebook fans to vote for their preferred "rare" release.  I voted blue, and it won.  I'm not sure I'd have picked Bash to be the feature, especially given he is already in Legendary sets, but oh well.  I am 90% sure he will be like the silver/gold Skylanders and appear "normal" in the game, not blue.

Interestingly, the figure they showcased back with the poll and in teasers looks to be a much darker, vibrant blue than the one shown in the packaging.

Dragon's Peak will be sold the first 30 days as a Toys'R'Us Exclusive.  The saving grace here is that most TRUs has started the "1 per customer" rule to help limit the impact ebay pirates have.   My advice to everyone is DO NOT PAY MORE THAN RETAIL FOR DRAGON'S PEAK OR ANY SKYLANDER .  If pepole quit paying $250 or so for something that retails for $25, the scalpers will quit raiding the shelves.  I know it is hard to hold out, but I'd rather wait a few weeks and spend fair money than shell out a ton.

Lightning Rod and Zook will both be sold in single pack form.

The real question here is when will Triple Pack G (Cynder, Lightning Rod, and Zook) hit shelves.  From my personal experience with Triple Pack F (Whirlwind, Double Trouble, and Drill Sergeant) is that it was much easier to find in person than single packs.  If you have not gotten Cynder, I would advise you to wait it out and look for the triple pack to save some cash.

It looks like early predictions that Ignitor Single Packs would hit the shelves at this time were incorrect.  I guess I would look for him in Wave 5, unless they do a late release.

Legendary Trigger Happy is also out, but is kind of in the Wave 3 bracket in my opinion.

Assuming things hold true and you can get Triple Pack H with Ignitor, Warnado, and Camo that will quite possibly be the best triple pack released.  I'm hoping we don't have to wait until June, but if you consider Wave 3 hit mid-January and we can expect Wave 4 soon, the time frame could play out that way.  All early reports suggested Wave 4 coming around Easter.  Guess we will see if any happen to trickle in before that time frame.

I am very interested in seeing how Lightning Rod plays, especially since we only have Sonic Boom and Whirlwind out now...he is a very unique character.  If I were to rank them in the order I would like them it would be: 1-Lightning Rod, 2-Sunburn, 3-Zook.
I think Sunburn will be very interesting.  The fact that he can teleport has me intrigued.

Zook seems very Boomerish to me...I like Stealth Elf a lot and Stump Smash wins the aesthetics, plus Camo just looks more promising.  That said, I'll give him a fair shot...I'm sure he will have something unique to bring to the table.

Well, that is all for now.  I am still recording time goals on Skyanders and setting up polls.  I currently don't have much of a voice, so recording isn't really an option.  Hopefully I can wrap up the time goals soon and get the videos edited and uploaded!

Also be sure to vote in the polls!


  1. do you think that the new skylanders giant looks crap cos it doesnt look that bad but giants thats just wierd.i recon they should of used giants in the game but instead of being them you had to beat them(boss battle) because its was to easy beating kaos(maby not for some people) but like i said they where to easy for me and with the giants wonce you beat 1 its splits into to and then you vs them again and them win. that would be fun.

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    1. I think it looks pretty decent. It would be nice to have enough right out of the gate to complete things. I wouldn't mind seeing a difficulty setting and 1P for Battle Mode (or Online would be great).
      I'm sure we'll get trailers come mid Summer or so.

    2. online would be awesome for around the wourld multiplayer like online battle arena and online adventure mode and maby with talking online cos that would be kool

    3. online would be kool if it was like skylanders universe now that would be better!

  2. Yeah, I'm surprised they didn't do either Online or Single Player. Activision has plenty of experience with online stuff...I'd have been content with single for now though.

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  3. Do you think they will make a dark spyro single pack?

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    1. Personally I don't think they will. He will prob stay a 3DS Exclusive...that way if you want him, they get more money:s Hopefully you've got a 3DS. Fwiw, the game is totally different so it isn't a horrible way to spend the money.

  4. But the thing is I don't have a 3ds and I don't have $300.00 to spend on one :p

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  5. Is that what they go for up there? They are $169.99 in the US.

    There are people that sell individual Skylanders on Amazon/Ebay, most are individuals out to make a fortune or ToyWiz. Some stuff TW is decent on, Skylanders is not one of those things.

    In all honesty, I doubt you'll find one for less than $30-40 and at that price point you just as well spend the extra $10 and get the 3DS Starter Pack. Then you can trade/sell the game/portal/cable/Stealth Elf/Ignitor.

    I ran into the same thing with Volcanic Vault...Best Buy didn't include it with any Nintendo Starter Packs and I wasn't about to spend $70 for one on PS3/360 just to have it...

    It is worth considering the 3DS game...if nothing else view it as Ignitor+Dark Spyro for $20 and you are only paying $30 more...sell Stealth Elf for $10 and then see if you can trade in the game or something to recoup the cost.

    Really comes down to how much you want to spend, lol. Good luck either way!

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  6. Lightning Rod is very interesting to play, he is sort of like a cross of Aladdin's Genie and Zeus. Even so, he is about the most entertaining character to play with...his lightning attacks just demolish enemies when he is in his elemental areas. Even without that though, he delivers some heavy damage and frankly am glad that it isn't me getting electrocuted. :P

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    1. Cool, I'm still hoping to land him and Zook dice locally.

  7. Just FYI, Zook and Lightening Rod hit our local Walmarts today (I'm a game rep for several walmarts). Also the Ice Adventure pack. Good Luck!

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    1. Thanks for the tip...I've been reading that online for awhile. I think mine have gotten them, I just haven't seen any, lol. I'm pretty sure the scalpers, there are two e-bay sellers in my area, pick the "new" stuff up early each morning. I only see Eruptor/Drobot/Prism Break etc at Wal-Marts here.

      Hopefully they get flooded and stock sporadically or as needed..that would help people like me land one.

      Hope you can pick up the new stuff as it comes in!


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