Friday, March 30, 2012

Skylanders Update 3/29/2012

Well, quite a bit went down this week.  We'll get started with some highlights from Nintendo and then check out the Skylanders updates including some insight on the Blue Bash release this weekend.

Nintendo 3DS Birthday

First off, let me say, Happy Birthday 3DS!  March, 27th, 2012 marked the 1 Year Anniversary of the North American launch of the Nintendo 3DS.

If you haven't been to Mii Plaza lately you might want to check that out...

You just might get a Special Mii in the form of....Reggie from Nintendo!
Pretty cool in my opinion and I hope this is a trend they will continue.

Nintendo Week

If you read the blog, you might have noticed I was pretty said when Alison was cut/left the show a few weeks ago.  Dark Gary filled in great, but when I watched the show tonight Gary signed off...then Dark Gary disappeared.

I really enjoyed the show, and I know it helped move products.

I have commented before I thought they might continue it with a first-hand fan base...I think it would be cool to see them send scripts or agendas to someone like NintendoFanGirl who can use YouTube to say alternate a co-host every week.  There are a lot of die-hard Nintendo fans, myself included, and this would be an inexpensive option that might even expand the out reach of the show.  It is worth considering, all Nintendo would be out is the time to prepare the agenda etc and email it out...If they went a step further sending new releases or sponsored games out it would likely suffice as payment to the grassroots movement.

I hope that Nintendo will continue the show in some form...I think my idea would work, but in all honesty, anything is better than nothing.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Gameplay Update

I'll cover this before getting into anything else.  As of last night I finished recording the time goals for Chapters 1-22, which netted me 100% Completion.  Note that you can get the 100% without having any of the 3-Star Ranks wrapped up on Chapters 23-26.

I plan to start editing those videos ASAP and should have some uploaded soon.

I also have Dragon's Peak headed this way from TRU.  I ordered it when they had them in stock online and I should get it Monday, April 2nd.  As soon as I get it, I will record the unboxing and then the blind playthrough.  I have heard it is pretty tough, so I am looking forward to that.

Weekly Skylander Hunt

Well, this was an odd week...Sunday I just missed getting Dragon's Peak at TRU and there were no Lightning Rods or Zooks to be found.

Tonight was no different.  My expectation of TRU having Dragon's Peak stocked to the brim at all times during these 30 days doesn't look to be panning out.  Maybe some stores do, but mine does not.  Very strange and yet another blunder on the part of Activision and Toys'R'Us.

I did finally see an Empire of Ice and Cynder single pack locally, although both were in back-rooms...creepy and unethical, yeah kind of...but it was nice to finally see them in this zip code at a retailer.


That said, my TRU had a ton of Skylanders.  The shelves were full and that new display was spilling out with a mix of everything.  There was still a seemingly infinite supply of Legendary Trigger Happy.  If you pay more than retail for LTH I really have to question your sanity.

As I combed the racks looking for a stashed away Lightning Rod an employee I've gotten to know approached me.  He let me know that Sunday they would be releasing Blue Bash ...all 12 of them.  Yeah, that is right, 12.  Come early if you want him.  I know I will be passing this expedition up.  I'd like to have Blue Bash just from the collection purpose side of things, but in all honesty, despite inflicting massive damage with his box-stock attacks, I'm just not a big fan.  I still haven't upgraded him, but Terrafin, Dino-Rang, and Prism Break just all suit me better.  Plus, I've got Legendary Bash in the mix as well.

If I'm ever there and he is on the shelf, you bet I'll take him.  If they are going to get 12 every other Sunday, I doubt it.  Now say he had told me they had 100 or something like that, then yes, I'd try my luck.  I have better things to do than stand outside a store and deal with people looking to grab something to put on ebay to fund their other vices.  I'd say we'd be lucky if 2 of them go to people who actually play the game or just want him for display.

I am wondering if all TRUs got 12, and if there will be any subsequent shipments.  I've said it before, but numbers on the Silver, Gold, and now Blue would be very nice for collectors and setting values.

Also of note was that my TRU hasn't had a Lightning Rod or Zook come in since they sold, I'm guessing 12 each, on the 3/21 or 3/25 events.  He also confirmed they hadn't gotten Dragon's Peak in since I narrowly missed one on Sunday and that they didn't expect to have any for this coming weekend's Blue Bash event.


Next up was Target...note I went to TRU first in hopes they'd have gotten Wave 4 Skylanders in since the weekend to fill the shelves.

Target actually had the pegs full...I was shocked, I haven't seen them have any since roughly mid-January.  It was mainly Eruptor and Drobot with a few Wrecking Balls and one Stealth Elf:

Best Buy

Now on to Best Buy.  Yep, I said it, 1ofWiisdom heading to the hell hole known as Best Buy.  I really can't stand that place.  In fact, I have only been in there 3 or 4 times during the whole Skylander craze.  I think the last time I bought something from the store was back before the iPod Nano first came out if that tells you anything.  Sadly, they didn't have anything new, but oddly enough I found a Cynder in their display case.


I then hit up Wal-Mart since so many people had claimed their Wal-Marts were stocking TONS of Skylanders, inlcuding 12 or so Lightning Rods and Zooks pretty much daily.  This store had some stock left, namely Eruptor, Drobot, the Dino-Rang Triple Pack, Pirate Seas, and Darklight Crypt which was a bit of a surprise, but nothing new:


Last up was GameStop.  I walked in, and as with all super-cool, 20 something gamers I got the instant recognition treatment.  Turns out they just got a shipment.  Keep in mind, this store had been dry since early February.  I got to right to the edge of the stock room, as per company policy, and saw the whole stash on the counter.  They had singles of pretty much everyone but Hex and Voodood and get this, 1 of each Adventure Pack (sans Dragon's Peak).  So yeah, that Empire of Ice I'd been trying to land for a friend and just got on Amazon this past weekend...right there, 2 days before my shipment is due to arrive.  Funny how things tend to work that way isn't it?

I thanked the guy for letting me check everything out, and then spent about 20 minutes talking to the manager, who is also into Skylanders.  She told me they had Lightning Rod and Zook earlier in the week and that they sat on the shelf for 2 days before an employee bought them as fair game.  I guess their first shipment in forever came Monday or Tuesday and had the new Wave 4 singles.  Timing is everything, even when it is off.

So yeah, there you go, my night in a nut-shell.  I am basically 90% sure I am going to have to order in Lightning Rod and Zook.  Currently,, where I sourced my Wave 3s, and Toys'R', where I got Dragon's Peak, have yet to add either to inventory.  That leaves me with Amazon and they seem to randomly stock.  The Wave 4s they add to inventory are done in what must be quantities under 20 (probably 12, lol) as they go fast.  There have literally been people that find them, add them to the cart, log-in, and find that they just sold out.

Of the two I am most looking forward to Lightning Rod...I'd actually like him more than Sunburn, although that may not be the popular option.  I am excited after hearing Dragon's Peak was hard though.

Hopefully I can land Lightning Rod and Zook soon and introduce them to you...I know several people on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube have told me they've been lucky enough to snag them and/or the Ignitor single pack.

So on that note, happy hunting!  If you plan to go for Blue Bash you now know what I was told.  Your store could have 120 on hand, or it could be 12 like mine.  If you want him, you better get there.  No one will want to source him from the ebay pirates.


  1. Just got an email from TRU saying be there at 9am Saturday to be the first to get LTH. My TRU has been selling them since last Sunday, if not earlier. I am wondering if they will put Blue Bash out tomorrow, instead of Sunday.

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    1. I got that too...what a joke. My local store literally must have 100 LTH strung out on displays and the aisle-crate thing. I was told Sunday, that is what I would bank on as it matches Dragon's Peak last week etc. My store has 12 total Blue Bash figures...if you want one I'd get there early just to be safe...hopefully. I wouldn't be shocked if some don't sell early and if others just don't get any in...really sad how they've mismanaged things lately. Good luck regardless, let me know if you land anything!

  2. Do u know the date wave 4 will be everywhere?

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    1. In the US? All the retailers here have had them, keywords "have had." It seems like they get low quantities and of course they sell early. My TRU hasn't had any since 3/25 when they sold the few they got. Target gets light restockings, GameStop seems to be pretty random and might get 1-2 of each new single. Wal-Marts seem to be getting a lot more in and in better quantity, but with no limits, they can go to one person etc.
      Dragon's Peak is a 30 Day exclusive at TRU...
      Blue Bash should hit this Sunday and I believe that will wrap up Wave 4 in terms of hold outs.
      Then it is just a matter of being in the right place at the right time, lol. Good luck!

  3. Just thought I would let you know that Whirlwind and Drill Sergeant aren't supposed to be exclusive anymore. They're exclusivity was supposed to end when Wave 3 comes out. This still doesn't excuse Activision though because they should of marked that they would no longer be exclusive come Wave 3. You can see what I mean here:
    Good luck finding Wave 4 by the way!

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    1. Yeah, my issue is the way it was marketed and regardless of what anyone knows now, when you see Whirlwind on a sign at the display that says "Only at Target" and when you purchase her and she has the "Only at Target" sticker and Drill Sergeant has a similar sticker it is deceptive and mis-representative. I could see the Triple Pack being a loop-hole, but not what they did with the singles. With the TRU exclusive stuff it held true (Legendary Triple Pack, Legendary Trigger Happy etc) and the 30 day window on Dragon's Peak was made clear ahead of time. Thanks, just ordered them, lol.

  4. Got Blue Bash this weekend, no line or anyone even in the skylanders area. Also Target was stocked full here because of the ad...found all 3 of the older adventure packs we were missing.....Still can't find prism break or any wave 4's...

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    1. Lee. I have the the same skylanders. I found blue bash too.

    2. Very nice Lee. I feel for you on Wave 4, haven't seen anything locally. Your big score was Blue Bash though. Congrats to you and tmanofwiisdom on the scores. My TRU had 12 of them...I got a rain check for what it is worth, lol.

      I've seen a lot of Prism Break singles off-and-on, most notably at Wal-Mart. You might check there periodically...good luck!

  5. I walked into my TRU on Sunday five minutes before closing time and saw ten of the Blue Bash just sitting out in the open along with about a thousand LTHs. I asked the cashier if that day had been a slow one and she day it's been really busy all day, and most people were checking the Skylanders section. She also happens to be a fan of the Skylanders series and grabbed a Blue Bash after I got one. I also scored a Lightning Rod single pack and Empire of Ice. Then I found a Lightning Rod single pack and a Prism Break single pack hidden behind the Angry Bird plush toys.

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    1. Good lord, awesome haul! I have hit TRU on these "special days" a little before lunch and they've been wiped clean of the "hot" items.

      It could be there are a lot of casual players and people just buy what looks a kid may tell their parents "the purple dragon is what I want (Cynder) and bypass Blue Bash, Zook, and an adventure pack oblivious to what a pain they'll be to track down later, lol.

      I really wanted the Lightning Rod single, and Zook in the same format, but seeing how I still rarely see a Wave 3 outside of Double Trouble, I opted to order it in when TRU put them up this morning.

      My TRU has the same Angry Bird stuff to the right of the Skylanders...I've found Legendary Triple Packs there when they came back in stock. Congrats again on the haul!

    2. Thanks! I also asked the clerk about any Zook singles in stock and she said that they've never got a Zook single pack ever. They only got the LRod, Cynder, and Zook triple packs in and they only got 3 of those, which sold out the day they were put out in the store. Then I see Double Trouble everywhere, but I hardly see the triple pack it's in. People must have ether not got Whirlwind and/or Drill Sergent by the time Wave 3 hit, or they just bought them to sell for 70 dollars on ebay.

    3. Yeah, it seems like it is hit and miss on either singles or the triple pack. I've not seen singles or triples of any Wave 4 in my local stores. I know Walmart gets cleaned out by scalpers. GameStop claims they had singles on the shelf 2 days and then an employee bought them.

      I too have started to see the Double Trouble singles. I've seen quite a few of the WW/DT/DS Triple Packs. Sadly, I know a lot of people that bought DS and WW for big bucks (usually just one of them was hard to find) under the assumption they were exclusive and would remain hard to find. It took me until the end of Nov to find Drill Sergeant and I had to drive 60 miles to another town. That's why I'm still upset about the deceptive marketing and misrepresentation of the product in those cases.

      Either way you had a nice haul...I bet the Zook singles will surface soon...might even find it at Walmart if you learn their stock times. Good luck!

    4. Luckly at my GameStop, employees aren't allowed to buy anything in the store until a day when they are off. I work at this GS and I don't get a day off til Saturday, and we just got a shipment with about five Zooks, which will be gone by the time I get there. We don't put them out til Friday though, and my co-worker is trying to find a way to bend the rules, since she also wants the Zook. I went ahead and bought it from This is now the second time I've ordered it, since the first one was backordered. But this order was shipped and should get to my house sometime soon, I think XD

    5. Nice, I'm cool with employees getting first dibs...especially if they are players, or it is for someone that is. What happens locally is an employee keeps all the new stuff and hocks it on ebay...I actually think that is why she works at Walmart.

      Our GameStops are pretty cool about it, although most of them are big into Skylanders as well, lol.

      I had to order from TRU as well...Mine is in town (Friday), but thanks to it going surepost I'll see it Monday...hopefully. Hope you enjoy them, I can't wait to see how Lightning Rod plays.


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