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Blog Poll #31, 32, and 33 Results

Well, after a mysterious disappearance of poll results (current and closed) all has returned to normal and we can finally archive the most recent closed polls.

Here is a link to their original posting: http://www.1ofwiisdom.blogspot.com/2012/09/blog-polls-31-32-and-33-skylanders.html

Blog Poll #31 asked, "What Are You Buying for Giants?" and received 210 Votes.  Here are the results:


As you can see, the vast majority of voters are going for the Starter Pack with nearly 50% of the total vote (98 Votes, 46%).  Testament to the loyalty of Skylanders fans we see 81 Voters (38%) going with the Portal Owner's Pack.  

It looks like we have a few collectors as some are going with both the Starter Pack and Portal Owner's Pack (9 Votes, 4 %).

And lastly, with 10% of the total vote (22 Voters), we have the camp picking up both console versions of the game and the 3DS version of the game.  Obviously, this output was limited to those with the 3DS.  Spyro's Adventure was a nice platforming game and while many complain it isn't "just like the console version" I actually like the fact it is different...more for your money that way.  There are very few games I would actually buy for a console and 3DS if they were exactly the same.

The other issues here are the values.  The Starter Pack includes 2 extra characters and a new Portal of Power all for roughly $15-20.  That is a great value and most people recognized that.  Similarly, some who are getting the 3DS version may be doing so just to obtain Punch Pop Fizz.

My Take

Me personally...I got the Starter Pack for the Wii and the 3DS.  Why?  The value.  I wanted Jet-Vac and at launch that was the only way to get him (console).  While not a huge Cynder fan, I did like the Walmart Exclusive GITD Cynder included and considered that a bonus.  The last factor for the Wii was the light-up portal and the fact it was wired...big savings on battery and a huge convenience perk.

On the 3DS front I could have gone with the Portal Owner's Pack, but the Starter Pack landed me a backup portal, another GITD Cynder, and most importantly...Punch Pop Fizz!  Well worth the asking price.

I do think they could have set the Portal Owner's Pack up to better honor returning players.  Just including Jet-Vac at the same price would have been nice.  Similarly, the move to include Jet-Vac, or a character who will not be released for quite some time (Hot Dog for example (like Ignitor last year in the 3DS Pack)).  
On the 3DS front, I think a different Giant should have come standard and that is something that has been overwhelming.  

Maybe they just don't want to offer Tree Rex in single form, but it wouldn't have hurt to have done so and included Crusher, Bouncer, or Swarm etc.

Nonetheless, the Starter Packs were they way to go in my opinion.

Blog Poll #32 asked, "Which New Skylander Do You Want the Most?"  Here are the results from the 250 of you who voted in the poll:

1. Pop Fizz 61 Votes, 24%
2. Fright Rider 46 Votes, 18%
3. Hot Dog 44 Votes, 17%
4. Flashwing 28 Votes, 11%
5. Chill 24 Votes, 9%
6. Shroomboom 22 Votes, 8%
7. Jet-Vac 20 Votes, 8%
8. Sprocket 5 Votes, 2%

As you can see, Pop Fizz was by a considerable margin the most wanted new Skylander.  He nearly amassed 1/4 of the total vote and that is impressive given we had 8 options in this poll.  I think he was pushed the heaviest prior to launch followed by Jet-Vac and Shroomboom.

This basically came down to who people like the look of, what powers seemed neat, or simply who they thought would be the best for their play style.  In all honestly, the battle was close between Fright Rider and Hot Dog, just like we saw with Flashwing, Chill, Shroomboom, and Jet-Vac where only 8 votes decided the fate between 4th Place and 7th Place...that is tight!

Sprocket seems to be following along in Boomer's Tech path as the least desired Skylander.  I think people's opinions may change if they give her a chance, but that was seldom the case with Boomer haters.  He is actually quite good when upgraded (either path) and despite that, he never really got over the preconceived notion he wasn't a good Skylander.

I think with Sprocket it is just her aesthetics that have given her the bad rep.  She looks like a wrench-wielding lego to put it mildly.  I'll be honest, that kind of has me intrigued, but I am also a big fan of the underdog.  I will give her a chance and reserve judgment.  Maybe she can reverse course with the masses.

My New Skylander List

That said, here is my order of What New Skylanders I would Want the Most.  I am basing this almost entirely on looks as I have refrained from watching anything other than the official game trailers released by Activision.  Gameplay will no doubt have an impact on this list for me later on down the road.  That said, here is how I rank them:

1. Jet-Vac
2. Fright Rider
3. Pop Fizz
4. Chill
5. Shroomboom
6. Sprocket
7. Hot Dog
8. Flashwing

Again, keep in mind this is looks and my blind expectations ONLY.  Gameplay will no doubt change things...I am also not just going on aesthetics here but rather looks and what I expect they might play like based solely on that and my imagination.

Jet-Vac was my Warnado...the "new" Skylander I was most looking forward to.  Fright Rider looks cool and I hope for great upgrades.  Pop Fizz seems like a chemist version of Trigger Happy and that should be fun regardless of anything else.  Chill seems like she might have unique upgrades.  Shroomboom seems like another "fun" character and I'm hoping for Zook/Camo like upgrades.  Sprocket I have no clue on, but I am hoping she plays as unique as she looks.  Hot Dog I don't have high hopes for, but I could be surprised.  Flashwing is hard for me to imagine...That said, the Earth Element is my personal favorite so I hope she can step up and climb the gameplay list for me.

Blog Poll #33 asked, "Which Giant Do You Want the Most?" and collected an impressive 262 Votes!  Here are the results:

1. Thumbpack 69 Votes, 26%
2. Eye-Brawl 47 Votes, 17%
3. Ninjini 36 Votes, 13%
4. Crusher 33 Votes, 12%
5. Swarm 29 Votes, 11%
6. Bouncer 24 Votes, 9%
7. Hot Head 15 Votes, 5%
8. Tree Rex 9 Votes, 3%

So, this was another tight race among most of the spots.  The clear winner was Thumpback with 69 Votes and over 1/4 of the total vote count.  That is a big win...He was also 22 Votes AHEAD OF 2nd Place!

Eye-Brawl really held his own at 2nd Place.  I attribute this to his unique look, Halloween coming up, and the  lofty expectations most have for him.

Things get much tighter for 3rd-6th with only 12 Votes separating them all.

Ninjini, who I had thought would finish at the top, came in 3rd with 36 Votes.  Just 3 Votes behind her was Crusher with 33 Votes.  Swarm was just 4 back of Crusher with 29 total Votes.  Bouncer rounded the pairing out with 24 Votes and just shy of 10% overall.

Hot Head came in with 15 Votes (5%) and was 9 back of Bouncer.  I think this is largely aesthetics...his head just seems too small.

Tree Rex, the giant included with all the Portal Owner's Packs and Starter Packs came in last with only 9 Votes and a measely 3% of the collective vote.

What surprised me was not that Ninjini wasn't your most anticipated, but that Thumpback was and that he did so in such a significant margin of victory...I expected him to be midpack...

My Giant List

As for myself, here is the order I would want them in...Keep in mind this is me ranking them on how I think they will play based off their looks.  So the list isn't sorted by gameplay, is isn't sorted by aesthetics, it is basically a hypothetical conjecture of what I think they will play like and thus how I would rank them at this point in time:

1. Crusher
2. Eye-Brawl
3. Tree Rex
4. Ninjini
5. Swarm
6. Hot Head
7. Thumpback
8. Bouncer

I love the look of Crusher...I love the Earth Element, and I think he will be great!  Eye-Brawl looks totally unique and I have high hopes his upgrades will be wicked!

Tree Rex, despite showing up last in what readers want, is someone I think will be very solid.  I've had good luck with the Life Element thus far...he has a great look, and I think his upgrades will be hard to beat overall.

Ninjini...I don't know much about her, but I figure Magic + Giant = Good chance for success.  She reminds me of a Hex/Stealth Elf hybrid and I am hoping she delivers.

Swarm actually looks great and I think has a lot of potential...He will likely move up an aesthetics list and gameplay list unless his upgrades are horrible.

Hot Head really needs a bigger head imo.  I haven't seen his actual figure yet (and yes, it is out), but it just looks tiny compared to his body.  If not for that glaring issue, I would have him head and shoulders up on the list...likely in 4th Place.

Thumpback is someone I don't know anything about (I don't watch trailers...), but with that said, I assume he  must have some awesome upgrades or people wouldn't have voted him #1 by such a huge margin.  I will hope he delivers and it isn't that I don't like his look, the others just stand out more to me.  I'm also weary of the Water Element as I tend to either love them (Slam Bam and Zap), or find them somewhat mediocre, or just downright disappointing (Wham-Shell).

Bouncer...I think this guy has potential.  Tech rarely disappoints if you give them full upgrades, but the look just doesn't do much for me.  I think any significant upgrade will vault him from the bottom, but as of now he just lacks the impact or cool factor with the other Giants.  For what it is worth, I do feel a bit nostalgic for him as he reminds me of a robot from an old Win95 game I used to play, "Super Solvers Midnight Rescue" lol.  Big bonus points to anyone who knows what I'm talking about.

Anyway, there you have it.  The Poll Results from Giants Blog Polls #31, 32, and 33.  My apologies on their delay, but since they polls went down I couldn't get them up when I had planned initially.  Thanks again to everyone who voted.  As you can see, every vote matters...several Skylanders were just a vote or two away from moving up a spot!

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